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    Not sure if complaining about complaining people works...
    I'm not complaining about it so much as I am trying to understand it. Many of the accusations I read about every expansion seem to be either baseless, inaccurate, or take a very extreme viewpoint about what seems to be a pretty mild issue (at least in my eyes).

    Take for example MoP dailies. These are a want, not a need. Now don't get me wrong, I despise dailies, and I feel that I should do them in order to get the rewards, but at the same time I can plainly see that Blizzard have designed the system so that you don't NEED to do them. To me, it's just blatantly obvious. And yet people make all sorts of claims about how they're absolutely necessary to do and that playing the game is impossible without them.

    The same goes for LFR. People claiming that they're forced to do it when what I feel is plain and self-evident fact, is that you don't. It's simply not needed for progression. Sure, it makes it easier, but it's still not NEEDED. And even if it was, I've spent probably all of an hour a week in LFR. I go in, kill a boss, go out. Not the biggest of deals and certainly nothing to make a major issue out of.

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    I'm not sure why you think everyone else should be limited to an opinion you can understand, OP.
    You realise that you're doing exactly what I did by saying you don't understand why it is I don't understand, right?

    My post is an effort to understand other peoples opinions. Yours seems to just be snark.
    "Once you stop caring what an arrogant, ignorant, idiotic little twat somewhere half-way across the world in a mouldy little basement with his mother yelling down at him to get off his arse and get a job is saying on the internet, you will find an immense calm overcome you. Suddenly the world will seem a brighter place and your mood will improve immediately."

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    It's a combination of the three, humans as a whole love to complain. The internet is a great place to do it because you're anonymous. I think it also comes from a superiority syndrome kind of thing, they think if they spot "Problems" and whine about them it makes them "Better" than blizzard and anyone who doesn't agree with their view on the "problems."

    Logic and reason are nearly completely absent, easiest example is a person with 9 level 90's posting the other day about how he doesn't have the time to do dailies and it ruined the game for him. Which is kind of funny because they are not REQUIRED and if you have NINE level 90's already then you obviously have quite a bit of time to play. Even if the game was changed to be exactly what they asked for they would instantly whine about something else.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rugdoctor View Post
    Answer: By their very nature people are whiny, needy, asshats who are never satisfied and feel the burning need to make everyone else know just how unhappy and self important they feel at that precise moment.

    I hope that helped.
    Internet people* due to anonymity provided in internet. In real world no one would listen them.
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