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    Quote Originally Posted by Ghostcrawler
    To repeat: we thought dropping a totem was too hard to counter now that they have such great utility. Disagreement != stubborn.
    I went through all my totems last night. There are only three that had more than 5 health. Healing Tide, Earth ele and Fire ele. Out of those the most dangerous is tide (for resto anyway) and it's easily destroyable. 10% of a caster's health is nothing to a dps and it's also a talent that people can opt to choose.

    I don't get the argument that they're hard to counter.

    Personally I feel giving a warrior about a hundred ways to stun and lock me down while pulling insane dmg is hard to counter but they've done nothing about that.

    Edit: Also before someone says it makes resto op or any shaman to counter silence with SPL and HT. Shamans' have totems for cd's. That's how they work. They're there for a reason. To use when needed in those oh shit moments. It would only be OP if they could pop them every minute.
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    Tell me about it. Blizz is going on about "to hard to counter" for weeks, ignoring their (totems) frail nature. People couldn't be bothered destroying totems and bitched about it. Blizz knew from the get-go that shamans would be mad about it. They also knew that it was not a good decision.

    They implemented it anyway. They originally wanted to throw that change in under the radar even. When that didn't work, they just went the herp-derp route, playing the problems accompanied by that nerf down. They cant be bothered admitting to a mistake that affects such a small minority as pvp dps shamans (silly enh/ele, y u no pve instead?).

    GC knows how much of a jerk he's looking like, but rather that than the embarassement of taking that nerf back right away after all what he's said and done before. They have their pride after all :-/ .

    I cant begin to imagine how powerful a sv cooldown we'd have get to compensate for not being able to ground spells or break fear while silenced.
    In the most ironic circumstance, they'd slap it onto a totem, lol.

    Totems are 100% crap now. No matter what spell, it is better off NOT being on a totem.
    Totems crap = Shamans crap, that's basically it.
    Quote Originally Posted by Angoth
    I'm sorry that Blizzard won't just gift wrap awesome in a cup and let you drink your fill.

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    Random quote from PvP forums:

    Quote Originally Posted by Niberion View Post
    As a warlock, I really don't care.
    Also, how does it feel when I kill those precious totems of you on a cooldown pretty much instantly?
    The thing is now, no matter what spec we are there's a single tactic: SILENCE SPAM THE SHAMAN.
    It's pretty amazing, the amount of silences I eat are almost the same as our healer.

    Who silences Enh anyway, Ele? Maybe...

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    They really gave me lots of headache, can't even complete a single game when they interfere. Urgh

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    This nerf is now next to useless, because it's simply not a problem anymore when blanket silences are completely removed from the game when 5.2 hits. Therefore it's not relevant anymore.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NhcNipzlip View Post
    This nerf is now next to useless, because it's simply not a problem anymore when blanket silences are completely removed from the game when 5.2 hits. Therefore it's not relevant anymore.
    Monks with their 4sec blanket silence on 15sec cd and ring of peace (which is a newly added AoE silence ;D)? and rogues with 2 interrupts (1ranged).
    While its good mages and locks lost their OP ability, blanket silences aren't completely removed and a few were even added to the game.

    However it won't take long to see how overpowered smoke bomb+ring of peace will be, so i guess it will be changed.

    edit: strangulate is now 1min cd also. It's an illusion to think they are gone when some are added and even buffed.
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