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    Top three strikers? He's behind Messi, Ronaldo and Van Persie for a start.

    Ibrahimovic has scored some great goals, but he's also notorious for disappearing during big away fixtures.

    It takes skill to score an overhead kick from that range, but it's more fun to see one that beats a keeper in a goal for me, it's spectacular in the way Beckham's volley was back in '96. Best volley of any kind for me is Van Basten's spectacular, with special nods to Gascgoine vs Scotland and Crouch of all people last season. Then you've goals that were set up by impossible solo runs like Maradona or Giggs.

    But to me, how this wasn't goal of the year is staggering.

    You can't be serious about RVP... he has NEVER decided an important game for Holland. OVerall he plays very bad in the national team. Zlatan always been a phenoman at his clubs and carries Sweden.
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    My stance on the Dutch national side has been well documented here before, the issue isn't just RVP alone, and more they're the biggest disappointment in international football, especially over the last 20-25 years.

    Edit: That said 31 goals in 71 international appearances vs Ibrahimovic's 39 in 85, and 164 goals in 368 games to 246 in 504.
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    I don't actually think it was all that great. It was an overhead kick that was on target and he'd had time to think about it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tommypilgrim View Post
    I don't actually think it was all that great. It was an overhead kick that was on target and he'd had time to think about it.
    I would like to see more players attempt to get that on goal from that distance It is not like he had several minutes to plan it. It was just a few seconds.

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    i cant post links but if you wanna see what im on about search trevor sinclair qpr barnsley in youtube and it will be top one.

    still the best overhead goal imho, i was at the match so it means more to me than others i guess but still a cross at pace converted like that is much better than mexes and ibra who both had ball floating above them niceley for a couple seconds.

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    If only he played for bosnia instead of sweden
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    He had an absolute monster of a game today as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by b0sanac View Post
    If only he played for bosnia instead of sweden
    Edin Džeko + Zlatan - yeah, probably the best strikers pair in the world for the national teams

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