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    Sega Saturn : Anybody still own/play?

    So last night after scouring through old stuff to give a friend his Gamecube back (that I had stored away for years) I came across my old Sega Saturn (and dreamcast, but that's for another story). For years (over 10) I had believed it to be a paperweight as it wouldn't load discs, until I saw some fix that looked similar to the problem I had on youtube.

    5 screws to take the case off and about 10 seconds to push up the disc spinner by about 1mm with some force and I've apparently now fixed my Sega Saturn, tried Virtua Fighter 2 and it works! Happy days. So then I got looking at the games I had and always remembered loving Panzer Dragoon 2, wondering about the 3rd edition to the game I had a look about and found the game called "Panzer Dragoon Saga". Sadly this game now goes for upwards of £130, so I'm pretty screwed.

    Otherwise there seems to be a whole bunch of affordable and cheap as chips games available online at amazon, though to be honest I haven't got a clue where to start.

    My current collection that I managed to dig up was

    Sega Rally
    Virtua Fighter 2
    Panzer Dragoon 2
    Manx TT Superbike

    Which from what I can remember is the bulk of the best games on the system, any suggestions? Does anybody even still play/own these old systems?
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    Find yourself a copy of Guardian Heroes, a multi-tap, and some friends. Fun times. Heck even on single player it is tons of fun.

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    I still have my saturn kickin around somewhere. Have Virtua Cop with the guns, Virtua Fighter, Daytona USA, Nights, a couple sports games... loved saturn!

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    This post isn't going to help you much, but my fondest memory involving the Saturn was playing an import of Castlevania: Symphony of The Night. I don't care if the guys behind the series disowned the Saturn version, playing as Maria was fun!

    Then there's the other added content, like the ending where you fight Maria... Damn it, now I'm going to have to dig this out!

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    Looked over a bunch of games I wanted to buy but just couldnt get passed the ridiculous price on some of the Saturns best games, I managed to get a copy of Warcraft 2 for cheap though, and Virtua fighter for less than the postage!

    I checked for Guardian Heroes but could only find a japanese version and it was very pricey, so will have to pass on that now. Also got my eye on Panzer Dragoon 1 for cheap.
    I7 2600k @4.5ghz : 16GB DDR3 : GTX670 : Firestudio : Naga : G27

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