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    Late night 2d a week LF more, 6/6 Mogu Vaults, 2/6 Heart

    <Be Your True Mind> is a 10-man raid guild and has been since our formation in September 2009. Current progress is 6/6 Mogu Vaults and 2/6 Heart of Fear
    We raid Saturday and Monday and could use a few new body's to help us progress!

    We raid 8-11pm server(CST). We pride ourselves in having a balance between progression and having fun. Sure, we have our off-nights, but we have a remarkable group of people who know how to play and are willing to make the effort, their best effort, in downing the toughest bosses available in the 10-man format, and I think that shows.

    As a raider you will be expected to make 75% of raids (this is leeway if you have the occasional family event, not so you can regularly be gone every other week) and if you cannot show for whatever reason, you will be expected to alert the guild as to the reason for your absence.

    We are currently looking for:

    • Resto Druid
    • Mistweaver Monk
    • A Fearl Druid
    • A Warlock
    • A Rogue

    Additionally, we like a raider who:

    • Likes a challenge
    • Can take care of their own consumables (sometimes the usual seafood/cauldron preparers might be absent)
    • Knows their class and spec
    • Possesses an even temper and good sense of humor
    • And… knows how to not stand in the fire, poison clouds, and other bad things

    If small raids and high performance sound up your alley, please contact Dashes, Uglychick, or Bittersorrow in game (ask anyone in guild in case we're on alts) or fill out an application at bytm-guild.com
    You can also get ahold of me on my real id Dashes#1881
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    still looking

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    womp womp womp

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    still looking

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    still looking

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    Vaults done, on to Heart. Still need a good healer

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    still looking

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    still looking

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    bump for the day

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    Up for new boss kills, still looking

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    up for the day

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    bump, still looking

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    up, still looking

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    Up, class needs updated

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    Up, new boss dead, still need bodys!

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    patch day bump

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