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    As single play: Legends of Dawn

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    Divinity 2 was a fun one as well. It had a very old school feel to it which I enjoyed. But it didn't feel like a single player WoW like the OP was suggesting. Still though, I really liked and was surprised with how much fun I had with it.

    As for Amalur, I played it on XBox and paid like $2 for it brand new. Looks like Amazon has a boxed copy of the PC version for $15 if you're interested there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pocoluminus View Post
    As single play: Legends of Dawn
    It isn't released yet though, is it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by GarGar View Post
    $60 on Steam, $40-50 from various online vendors. There's also a free demo on Steam.

    Gotta say, I tried out the demo for Kingdoms of Amalur based on recommendations in this thread, and was instantly hooked. It's like they took all the cool stuff from WoW, Skyrim, and DnD and put it into this game. Definitely worth at least checking out.
    A physical PC copy was for sale on Amazon for around $15 today, only a few copies left. I am pretty sure my wife is buying Kingdoms of Amalur for my birthday, so I will have to hold out. I have read nothing but good things about the game, especially about the combat system.

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    Shroud of the Avatar. It's a MMO which can be played solo, even offline.

    edit: ooops, necro, sorry, found this via google looking for something.

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