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    Im not sure if there's already a topic about this, but I've got a question about invocation.
    I recently swapped from rune of power to invocation. Tried it in raid today for the first time, went pretty well I'd say.
    But its a bit confusing, do I have to use it everytime when the buff falls off? Isnt that a dps loss to use evocation everytime the buff falls off?
    I mean you just stand still for 4/5sec doing no dmg. It feels a bit weird..

    Can you guys give me any tips when the perfect time is to use evocation?


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    i believe this is covered in the guide..

    you want to finish the last possible cast with the buff still up, and immediately evocate. This means you're starting your new evocate either RIGHT before, or just as the last invocation buff falls off.

    Also, the timing on this is not going to increase your dps THAT much, as always dont break the rest of your gameplay stressing over one mechanic ;P

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    The BEST time is generally when:
    !. Living Bomb/Nether Tempest/Frost Bomb has recently been applied to 1 or more targets,
    2. Your trinkets, weapon enchant, lightweave cape enchant are NOT procc'ing, you have NOT recently used Potion of the Jade Serpent, and preferably NOT during Heroism (if you can help it),
    3. You will NOT, based on your knowledge of the boss fight, be required to move for the next 6 seconds.

    You'll likely break a rule or two during normal play unless you are an abosolute boss ad time everything perfectly, but try to prepare for heroism by recently having Evocated, then pop potion, on-use trinket, Flame Cap, whatever...

    Always Evocate pre-pull (obviously) as close to entering combat as possible so you have the first opener with all trinks/enchants up and your first Combustion happens with the buff applied.

    To answer your question, though... NO it's not a DPS loss in the long run. Delaying Evocation is more likely to give you a DPS loss. Try to time it so it will be applied right as it's buff is falling off... the exception to this might be if you had all trinkets and enchants proccing and you were finishing unloading a few pyroblast/heating up proccs. This would only delay it a couple of seconds though, and really only matter if the buffs applied by your trinkets/enchants gave a bonus greater than your Evocation buff.

    Ummmm yeah that's basically it. Cheers!

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    Quote Originally Posted by kaskadereno View Post
    preferably NOT during Heroism (if you can help it)
    If it's near falling off or already fallen off during BL, Evocating with one second left on Bloodlust is the way to go. faster evocate ftw.

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