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    [PvP] Gap closers

    Is it just me or its impossible to kite someone?

    Let me show you how I see things, and why I think we don't hit hard enough when we need to.

    To kill a warrior I need to attack him steadily for ~10-15 seconds. For a warrior to kill me, he only needs to "touch" me (get to me) 3 or 4 times as he hits for 120-160k (MS + shockwave, etc) every 1-2 GCD. He technically only needs to touch me 3 or 4 times to score a sure kill. On the other hand, ON TOP of kiting, I need to keep doing damage. If I shoot 5 or 6 GCD worth of stuff at him, he'll still be at 60-70%.

    Does anybody else get my point? I'm fine with it as I'm an experienced hunter, but as xpacs go theres more and more gap closer for every class which makes it harder to kite (and much much harder to play as a hunter, I can't imagine if I'd be a noob, I'd pull my hair out and reroll), and harder to stay alive against them.

    Anybody found good ideas against those kind of situations?

    PS - Clothies are now officially tankier than melee classes. Ahh MoP I love you...

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    I actually posted nearly the same thing in my other post http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/...h-of-Conc-Shot. I am also having the same problem with kiting and feeling like I'm throwing wet noodles at them at times. Then, after the handful of seconds you think you are away from reach and boom, not only your stunned with them on your toes but you just lost 1/2 your life. Now I know because I'm a ranged class so I really shouldn't be able to hit like a truck but it's still a bit to bursty from some classes with this much CC floating around now.

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