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    dw howling blast vs necrotic strike discussion

    somebody know?right know i'm using necrotic strike with blood tap or should i spamm howling blast

    sry for grammar

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    Use Howling Blast. You lose a fair bit of damage using Necros.

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    Generally you want to use NS if you're in melee range and your target is going to get heals before you kill them.

    Without any procs or Razorice or anything, on a target dummy I do:

    HB: 21757
    NS: 24109 antiheal plus 10-15kish* strike

    PVPP and Resilience would keep these numbers in equal proportion.

    * 10127-14972 paperdoll, NS is 150% weapon damage, dummy takes about 65%, so dummy takes slightly less than paperdoll. Plate+shield, mail+shield, and plate+2H would all take a little less than dummy; mail, leather and cloth would take more.

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