View Poll Results: Do you swap between weapons sets in combat during pvp

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  • Constantly / Almost constantly

    24 70.59%
  • Sometimes

    6 17.65%
  • Almost never

    1 2.94%
  • Never

    2 5.88%
  • Only because one is range and one is melee

    1 2.94%
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    Do you swap between weapons sets in combat during pvp?

    Do you swap between weapons sets in combat during pvp?
    gw2 is a great game

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    vote in the poll please
    gw2 is a great game

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    Of course, else I would be what is known as 'bad'.

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    Yeah, but i do it more because all the fancy buttons are gone so i need a new list to press (there's a complex strategy behind my madness that many don't understand), it works quite well... although sometimes i do feel locked into one weapon to continue with one role... which saddens me...
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    Yeah, especially if I use a sigil that gives boons on weapon swap.

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    Weapon (attunement/kit) swap is one of the most important features of GW2's combat. If there are actually people not doing it: Get used to it, or you are wasting a lot of potential

    Or are you talking about swapping weapons outside of weapon sets and combat? That's a different story and would be a much more interesting vote. I for one switch to staff with my ele for the swiftness PBAE buff and/or blasting into a field (mostly my own lightning/fire one, sometimes the smoke screen of a Thief) - in combat I only use d/d.

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    Yes, because skill 2-5 are often a lot better than skill 1. Plus some professions have swapping traits and stuff like that. Also, using 1 weapon set is boring as hell.

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    Engineer, so 'no I don't'.

    In the poll I would have to pick 'never' but thaat would give a wrong diea on the poll.
    Maybe include a silly engineer option like:
    - engineer: no, but I use kits
    - engineer: no, and I don't use kits either

    Isn't that simular for elementalists?
    Allthough they swap weapons more in between fights I think. Where most engineers stick to the weapons they chose (rifle, pistol-shield, pistol-pistol)

    Personally I tend to use as many kits I can get away with without gimping my self in terms of condition removal or stun breaker... (often I run without either and just take kits).
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