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    Tank, heals and 2 DPS 4-pack LF Raiding Guild

    Hey all,

    4-pack of raiders looking to move from a low-pop realm to a higher population realm to increase raid progress and speed. Being on such a small realm has hindered our progression due to the lack of non-guilded recruits that can pay attention and make regular raid times, so we're looking for a change.

    We're currently Horde and would like to stay that way. Raiders with experience that goes back to Vanilla and BC looking for core spots in a mature guild with people who also know their class(es). We do our research and keep up-to-date with class changes and hotfixes/patches and we expect those around us to do the same. We're currently progressing through MV and would like to speed this up drastically. As officers in our current guild, we are always willing to help others get gear, achievements, etc. and would continue helping out in the future.

    Our schedules currently allow for most attendance between Saturday-Tuesday and evenings to late nights would be best. Also, we're all on A LOT on other days of the week so activity wouldn't just be limited to raids. We have a Ventrilo available for use and can all join others and have headsets to communicate.

    ilvl 480 Affliction Warlock 'emzedots'
    ilvl 481 (all spec) Priest 'pyrowraith' (main healer)
    ilvl 466 Elemental Shaman 'pscylo'
    ilvl 467 Brewmaster Monk 'growwll' (willing to gear and play offspec or level / gear other characters as well)

    We're currently on Anetheron and looking to move to a high (not full) pop realm. We also have 2-3 casual friends that would also join, but are more social and wouldn't be competing for core spots.

    My Real ID is emze#1892
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    bumped with new item levels

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    Hello there! We here at She looked level 18 (eonar) are looking to bolster our roster to promote competitiveness to our raid.

    we raid from 9 to 12:30 est Tuesday through thursday.

    we are currently 4/6 MV and 1/6 HoF

    Only problem I see with your group of 4 is that we would probably have your brewmaster monk go dps or if you prefer switch to something that we need.

    If you wish to discuss further please. contact me at [email protected] (realid)

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    Raid times would have to start around 11:45 PM - Midnight for us to make it. Thank you for the post though

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    Guild found. Thanks to everyone for the messages.

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