View Poll Results: Easiest class to kill for you?

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  • Death Knights

    32 8.60%
  • Druids

    13 3.49%
  • Hunters

    15 4.03%
  • Mages

    15 4.03%
  • Monks

    50 13.44%
  • Paladins

    12 3.23%
  • Priests

    17 4.57%
  • Rogues

    96 25.81%
  • Shamans

    89 23.92%
  • Warlocks

    24 6.45%
  • Warriors

    9 2.42%
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    My monk : Rogues, Shamans and Dks die easily.

    My Lock : Mages, Priests, DKs.

    My level 61 Priest : Everything other than warriors i can handle in 3s. OP at that level when your shield absorbs more than your health, your flash heal gets you 100% and your HOT heals for for 1/10 of your hp every second for 9 seconds. I once held mine against 5 players for 45 secs before they finally killed me.

    "Humility defeats pride, Master Yang has preached. Pride defeats man"

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    easy: rogue
    hard: healers and warriors

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    Also if DKs are silenced and cant AMS, rogues shadowblades destroys us before we can respond =( poor monks though

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    lol at shamans in poll after totem nerf

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joycemiester View Post
    Not a very valid poll due to each class has their own 'easiest kill'.

    Better if you did a poll from pov of a class you're interested in.
    Disagree, seems to be quite accurate to me except shaman votes. Rogue and monk worst two classes in pvp followed by dks imo. Dps shamans were usually underpowered and considered to be free kill in past expansions (expansions is the key word) imo it could be the reason that shamans have the most votes. (dont say LSD was op bla bla i said usually)

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    Since the OP is talking 1v1 scenarios, I'm surprised people say rogues. Sure they are not strong right now in group PVP but they have always been great at ganking and 1v1 world PVP. They hit you when you least expect it and if fights don't go in their favor, just vanish and wait for the right opportunity again.

    Speaking from a warrior, priest, and warlock perspective, I think ele shamans, windwalker monks, arcane mages, and destruction warlocks are easiest to kill.

    Hardest to kill 1v1: any healer, frost mages, blood DKs, demo warlocks, feral druids, arms warrior.

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    I also think Shaman

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