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    Stinky Optimum Creatine/Glutamnie

    Just got my new order in off the Chinese version of ebay (same seller as my last two perfect orders) but my bottles smell like.... sulfur or soya sauce. Some kind of funky smell.

    Has anyone ever experienced this from Optimum's Glut/Creatine? My last bach had no smell at all. As well as the glutamine texture seems different... sigh

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    My supplement bottles always say "bla bla made in places where soya etc is made" so thats probably why, but i dont see why it would smell like Soya.
    Was it pre opened before you bought it?

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    I never have this problem... I either go to the local GMC, or Vitamin Shoppe.
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    Sealed just like the last time I got it. It's imported into Guangzhou via Hong Kong.

    It just bothers me a lot since my last order had no taste or smell.

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    Counterfeit creatine? That's a new one.
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    Return it(if you can) & get bulk creatine.

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