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    ElvUI & Amber shaper

    Before my guild pulls him tonight I would like to know if any of you use ElvUI and are able to get the successful bar replacement when mutated construct is on you. I wasn't able to get construct on me in LFR so I have no idea how to test to see if it will work. Any help would be great, thanks.

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    For me the energy bar wasn't showing up. Still had my mana bar.
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    i changed to the standard crap UI on that fight, otherwise it wasent a problem

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    Im using dominos and pitbull and have the same problem :/

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    I use ElvUI and didn't have any trouble. My main action bar has all of the construct abilities. DBM alerts you when you need to interrupt and it also shows a small window with everyone's current Willpower so you can watch that for grabbing pools. You should use the ElvUI Forums in the future. They have a very active and helpful community.

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    Never had issues using ElvUI minus the one time last week it reset my UI after relogging thanks to fun bugs in it.

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    no problem, the energy bar for construct is "Alternative Power" bar. The same that it uses on stoneguard for petrification.

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    It is in the moveui options and then "all" look if you see Alternative Power, maybe it is behind something? perhaps you have moved it without knowing it was it, and as the abilities not showing, they are set to show on bar 1, if you perhaps have disabled that bar and only using say 2,3,4 then it may not show. As standard Alt. powerbar is up above raid warning text.

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    Both in LFR and our guilds normal run I can see both my will power bar and also see and use the action bar that accompanies the construct, my Elv UI isn't the most up to date one either.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vapo View Post
    no problem, the energy bar for construct is "Alternative Power" bar. The same that it uses on stoneguard for petrification.
    This is the solution, I was a bit puzzled at my first Stone Guard untill I took a look at the settings and foud this baby of a bar.

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    I got rid of ElvUI because of this fight. I couldn't get my vehicle to work ever since I updated ElvUI in late DragonSoul (and several times since..) and my bar wasn't swapped as it should be on amber-shaper.
    So I am now using all the addons that ElvUI is made of instead of using the package.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wRRM View Post
    Im using dominos and pitbull and have the same problem :/
    pitbull has an option to turn off the blizzard alternative power bar, go to the pitbull menu > modules > hide blizzard frames > untick the alternate power bar

    it should pop up in the default position just under your character on screen

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