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    monk weak auras

    hi all....ive used power auras for awhile and, its currently out of date...alot of people have told me that weak auras is a much better option....anyway i have no experience with weak auras and, was wondering if anybody here has any import strings for monks i plan to play all 3, all strings are welcome....all responses are greatly appreciated

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    I also use Sunniers set up. It's very nice. Only complaint is that it masks the special action button on some fights. It's still clickable, so it's not a big deal if you know the fight and know its gonna pop up (like Feng or Will of Emp).

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    I use this if you're interested. ^^

    Staggers line are coloroued (Green/Orange/Bright red) as far as I tested I have no problem on seeing them on different terrains I also have strings for Chi, I will post an updated screenshot later (now I'm technically at work )

    EDIT: I realized that I posted and old version here's the new
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    Here's an earlier post that will help get you started. I used many of the strings listed here until I felt comfortable enough to create my own.

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