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    Need help to get garalon 10 man down this week

    We've been sucking on this fight, in all honesty its getting dumb. So if anyone has any input on what we can do to change things up Id greatly appreciate it.

    Comp is:

    Prot Pally
    Blood DK (dpsing)
    Enhance or resto shaman
    Elemental shaman
    Resto Druid
    Balance Druid
    Mistweaver monk (me)
    Aff warlock
    Fire Mage

    Our 10th is either a shadow priest or a arms warrior, We have a BM hunter as well but he just isnt cutting it right now dps wise.

    How we were doing it: We were 3 healing, 2 tank (one was dpsing in tank/dps gear) and the raid was just spread out around the room dpsing the boss. Fire mage and warrior would go on legs and try to keep them all down, DK was killing his leg while taking cleaves.

    Our kiters were prot pally, resto shaman, mistweaver monk, resto druid.

    This week though I wont be kiting so I can stay on the boss and put out more healing, if thats successful our shaman will go enchance to put more dps on the boss.

    Basically just trying to get an idea on what you all do? Do you have a monk in raid? if so does everyone stack to get more healing on them all. Who do you have kite or would suggest kite, and how big are the legs a priority? Is it better to just stay on boss and burn and let the warrior/DK handle legs themself

    Anything would be appreciated, pushing 90 wipes on the boss and its dragging morale down for a guild that really didnt have any problems with encounters until now.

    World of logs:

    Night 1: http://worldoflogs.com/reports/rt-i58dhfw4hq5jhheq/
    Night 2: http://worldoflogs.com/reports/rt-al8rhrywl2ipzsfa/
    Night 3: http://worldoflogs.com/reports/rt-5705opovwviq1wlt/

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    Your dps is too low according to the logs. WAY to low. Too low as in half your raid should be doing twice as much. On my enhance shaman I pull 120k on this fight with no heroic gear or 2 set. Your dps needs to step up or be replaced.

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    Everyone needs to do more damage. Your pPally's damage is especially pitiful. You're pushing ~450k raid DPS on your enrage attempts. I believe you need 500k raid DPS minimum to beat enrage. If you don't think everyone just doing more damage is reasonable, you can employ some cheese:
    • Tanks respec DPS; Warrior and Pally eat cleaves. Resto Shaman have been doing it too.
    • Drop to 2 healers.
    • Have healers DPS more. rShaman damage is extremely low, but Fistweavers and rDroods (HotW during Hero) can push some great numbers.

    Also, almost no one in your raid is using potions. You should be prepotting and hero/CD potting, especially if you're running up against an enrage.

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    I know that it might not be too helpful but is there a possibility that one of your dpsers have at least semi-decently geared rogue/arms warrior? These are 2 classes that are topping dmg meters on this fight.

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    As has been said before your DPS is just flat out not good enough. You need each of your dps to be hitting 85k or so to be beating the enrage effectively.

    I noticed you said your all spreading around the boss and only a couple of people are going on the legs. This isn't a good idea. The legs are the fastest way of getting damage on the boss so the more legs you kill and faster the better off your going to be.

    Our tracts match yours for the kiting (tanks and healers) but the rest of us move as a group and get on as many legs as possible. Unless the legs isn't accessible coz its going through the pools. This also helps with the healing as you can aoe heal more effectively.

    Cleave classes are good for this fight but they won't provide you with the same boost they used to since the hot fix so I wouldn't say it's vital to get one anymore (we never had a rogue for this fight).

    Tldr: have all dps prio the legs and get everyone to up their game. Enrage is very tight so you can't afford any slackers!!

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