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    484 Resto Druid looking for a new 25m home

    Hello people

    Looking for a new guild to raid. I have been player/raiding since vanilla and here are some of my most notable Feats

    Progressed and kill through all of Vanilla (except for a Sapphiron/Kel'thuzad kill which only happend in BC)
    Progressed and Kill through all of BC in a top 100 world Guild ( top 75 on M'uru and Kill'jaedan)
    Progressed and kill through all of WotLK (including all hard modes and server first for all bosses BUT Lich King)
    Progressed and kill through all of Cata (except heroic Ragnaros and Sinaestra)

    Here is what I am looking for at the moment.

    A guild that raids MAXIMUM of 4 nights a week (would much prefer 3 nights)
    A guild that DOES NOT raid before 6:30 pm PST (or 9:30 pm EST)) and that DOES NOT ends raid after 10:30 pm PST (or 1:30 AM EST)

    Please post here if you are one of those guild, with a way to get in contact with the guild or the officers

    Thank you

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    bumping my thread

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