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    The damage from KS should indeed be buffed should our sustained damage abilities. It really shouldn't be as good as execute, particularly since it's free, but we should be getting a slightly bigger execute-ranged boost than we are currently getting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Prokne View Post
    I would trade 50 or so focus and only a single KS for it to do 300k+ damage, they could even raise the CD. I would even settle for getting rid of the reset mechanic (which doesnt always work anyway) and doubling the damage.
    I'm with ya sister! The reset mechanic is just so clunky at times, especially during lust/warp and when everyone's working their ass off hitting every spells around you.
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    Not to throw gas on the fire or anything, but Execute doesn't cost a "lot" of rage. It costs just as much as our normal rage dumps (Slam and Wild Strike).

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