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    [H] 10M <Mad Swagger> US Illidan 6/6 MSV 1/6 HoF

    10M <Mad Swagger> US Illidan

    Do you have skills worth boasting over? Find yourself at the top of meters, accompanied by your awesomeness alone? Perhaps you should consider joining the ranks of <Mad Swagger>. We are a 10 man heroic raiding guild with a 3-day raid week. If you think you have what it takes to join the upper echelon of superiority, then you should possibly apply at madswagger.enjin.com or find Zevix, Markle, or Latro in game (U.S. Illidan).

    Little About us:

    We were founded in the fall of 2011 by three like minded individuals that shared a passion for progression raiding and a friendly but competitive environment. Since our creation we have forged a small but tight knit community that consists of skill players. In our first real tier as a full group we went 8/8 heroic in Dragon Soul and completed the drake achievement with many months to spare.

    How we function:

    We consist of a GM and 2 officers, and work on the assumption that everyone is a mature adult and can act as such. We have zero tolerance for drama; we of course are not above joking around, but like to keep it to a healthy level. Our loot system is based on group roll with "assisted" priority when needed, main spec over off spec. All members are expected to know what is appropriate for them to roll/need on. Above all else we are a tight knit group of friends that hang out in vent and joke around. If you are not looking for a focused group of people that balances getting down to business and hanging out then we might not be the fit for you.

    Main Needs:

    Healer: Paladin, Shaman

    Tank: Paladin, Druid, monk, DK

    Of course we would always consider a player of exceedingly high skill regardless of class needs.


    In order to raid with us you must make 90% of raid days to be considered. Stay tuned in for what days we will be raiding, anything until Mists would be speculation but based on our old schedule. (3-day week, tues. – wed. – Thurs.) 8:00 -11:00 Server time(cst)


    1.Must be competent at your class of choice, min/max

    2.Must be able to follow directions

    3.MUST have a non-shit headset and being willing to use it

    4.Understand what constructive criticism is

    5.Be willing to do work outside raid so that you are personally prepared for raid

    6.Make raid consistently

    7.Understand that this is a team game not a one man wolf pack

    8.Finally don’t be a dick, bad attitudes are like a cancers that grow on raid

    (we DO accept casual-non-raiding players / friends to hang out)

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    madswagger.enjin.com Check us out.

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    Contact Zevix, Latro, or Markle for more infor mation.

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