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    Resilience vs Warriors

    Now that PvP players are more PvP geared with more res, have you found that warriors are now less threatening and more cc'able compared to a few weeks ago.

    If yes, can you imagine another few weeks down the track plus the upcoming changes that warriors will be back to an laughable class in PvP?

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    Honesly, I don't see any issue. Of course things are gonna get more even with more resil, but then you compensate with more PvP Power. I got my weapon and I now demolish even more than did, with 41% PvP Power. The nerfs coming are justified, but warriors don't need more nerfs after that.
    We are in a good state for sure, but we're not more OP than other classes.
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    Less threatening....no, not from my mages PoV, unless I have someone to peel I usually die 80% of the time as I cannot escape them I try so hard, most of are also become aware of the alter time blink routine, no more 2-3 seconds of wtf where did he go, they just turn around and intercept me instantly. Its easier if avatar is on CD, then all I have to worry about is the stun, stun, intercept, intercept, leap, silence and w.e else you have in your arsenal.

    That aint a moan by the way, I love fighting warriors, its fun

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