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    Elegon 10M Help needed

    Hey guys. We have been on Elegon for what seems like an eternity (at least 60 wipes). Each day of Elegon attempts we learned something different. We have done the fight enough times to know how to do the fight correctly, but each time we attempt something always goes wrong.

    You know, someone can’t get their spark down in time allowing us to DPS during the fifth set, or we can’t DPS the mini elemental adds hard enough before the burn phase to allow us to nuke the boss. I think our problems mainly stem from DPS issues on the boss, adds (not protectors), and sparks. We are kind of melee heavy, so that might be an issue.

    Our group composition is: Prot Pally, Prot War, Resto Shaman, Resto Druid, WW Monk, Combat Rogue, Ret Pally, Fire Mage, Shadow Priest, and Ele Shaman. This is the only comp we have. We do not have the luxury of switching out people for this fight. We are a casual guild with sporadic raid times. People don’t want to join a guild to only kill a few bosses that aren’t melee friendly. Everyone else in our guild doesn’t even raid…so that isn’t an option either.

    Here are the logs from Elegon (tonight only): http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/r...pes&boss=60410

    We got him to 3% twice tonight, and we got to the burn phase around 3-4 times. We only get 2 Protectors at the start before the sparks start, so I know that isn’t a problem. It just seems to be DPS during the sparks is great sometimes, and not as great on others.

    Is there anything we can do that doesn’t involve switching out melee for ranged? If not, then I don’t know how we can kill this boss unless the RNG gods are good to us.

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    I don't think it's anything to do with using melee; melee can do just fine on this fight.

    Anyways. The sparks can be tricky and there's not really anything else to do than do it until your dps get it right. Remember that there's some time to deeps elegon while the last set of charges is moving; the ones you no longer attempt to kill, and that deeps can make all the difference.

    As for the adds stopping you from dpsing the boss, that shouldn't happen. Once the boss is attackable, go at him, and if that results in the ads raping your tanks use stuff like AoE stuns or ring of frost to control them while cleaving them down. We have a DK pop army which helps a lot but look like you don't have that option.

    Elegon is quite a raidkiller for many guilds as far as I understand so don't feel bad. Keep at it and in time you'll get it - 3 % is already close enough that you'll likely get it on the next raid

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    I think you have some healing issues in the last phase. Your group needs to better time their CDs, and your healers need to pull their weight. A few pointers:

    Try 5 (9:28) Phase 3:
    1) Your shadow priest did Symbiosis Tranquility. Thats bad bad bad. Standing around for 10s not doing anything for 300k heal is awful, a few binding heals heal for more than that. Don't use Symbiosis Tranq, it's killing your damage.
    2) The big AoE group healing CDs were not timed properly. It looks like everyone popped everything at the beginning of the phase and went out of CDs later. Resto Tranq and Resto Healing Tide both did A LOT of overheal. You need to time your CDs better.
    3) Your healers need to heal more in the last phase. 100k HPS isn't enough. Your resto druid used way too few Rejuvenations, he should HoT the whole group and use Swiftmend and Wild Growth on CD. (Can't say much about shaman.)
    4) Use Bloodlust to dps the boss. Currently you are using it to kill the Sparks, this should not be necessary. Handle the Sparks and use BL afterwards.

    Try 8 (9:39) Phase 3:
    2) Again terrible healer CD usage. Tranquility 32% overheal, Healing tide 40% overheal. Are they using these when the group is at full health?
    4) Again Bloodlust too early. Use if after the sparks die.

    Generally, this looks pretty good. You just need to improve your healing CD usage and up the dps a bit. Are you doing 4/4 orbs?
    Keep trying and you'll get it down
    For comparison, here is the WoL of P3 healing of our last kill. Note that healers are doing 350k HPS for the last minute, and my Tranq overheal is ~1%.

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    Try to have some aoe dps when sparks are about to spawn if they are really a problem. Ele shaman can drop an earthquake at center of boss, rogue can cleave, paladin can use holy wrath & consecration, mage can put down a flamestrike. Those damage will indivudually not do much but together they might get 10 or 15% of your spark before it moves out of range of the aoe. That might make the difference. Keep in mind that this will reduce your damage a bit on the boss for a few seconds but apparantly it's needed. That 10% extra damage to the boss for the rest of the fight is more important than those 1-2 seconds extra on the boss during sparks. Once your dps is high enough, I highly recommend just nuking them one by one down.

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    u could do 3/3 on sparks and easily win the fight, if u manage to reach phase 2 with only 2 protectors.
    dont use cds for sparks, only kill 3 waves per phase, a fourth only if u sure that u are capable of doing it without cds, use them for elegon in phase 3, and everything is fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Holofernes View Post
    u could do 3/3 on sparks and easily win the fight, if u manage to reach phase 2 with only 2 protectors.
    dont use cds for sparks, only kill 3 waves per phase, a fourth only if u sure that u are capable of doing it without cds, use them for elegon in phase 3, and everything is fine.
    But that would prolong the last phase where they seem to have some healing issues. Imo it's better to aim for 4 waves, split the dps evenly on both sides and assign 1 tank on each side to help out. Your dps needs to communicate fast, if they can't kill their Spark and if it keeps being an issue, I'd suggest they go practice on the dummy to see what they can improve.

    As Dawnrose also says, your healers should be helping out with the Sparks as well, no reason for them not to.

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