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    Warrior or DK (or Warlock)?

    I first asked this on PvP forum, but had no response. So i figured i'd ask each respective class. So here's hoping to get some feedback on their class from you DK's

    I've never played the above classes to max level before and am considering one. I'm mostly a PvP player, although pve viability is also nice to have.
    I enjoy BG's very much, and I've never played a flag carrier role. So i'm interested in rolling a class that is capable of doing that if i want to try something new.

    So, between warriors and DK's (with 5.1 patch coming in mind), which class would you rather roll? Or I am also interested in leveling my warlock to 90. I've never seriously played a lock before but with many changes they got in MoP, they do seem pretty interesting also.
    At the moment, I'm most interested in warrior, but the tricks that locks and DK's also seem quite fun to play with.

    I'm guessing warriors won't be cooldown-stacking one shot hero every 5 minutes come 5.1 (or will they? xD) but i think their mobile melee playstyle is still fun (as opposed to a rogue that i have... let's not go there).
    I've seen a lot of warrior lately, but..
    How are DK's? And warlocks? They are some of the least played classes out there (we all know DKs had their days).

    As far as a DK is concerned, what's a fun spec to play with? I know frost brings a lot of damage, but what are their weaknesses? Also, how's Unholy now (and in 5.1).

    Lastly, i'm wondering what's a fun spec for warlocks that's viable. I'm not too interested in destro one-shot wonder, but I do find Demonology interesting (and possible flag carrying in random BG's). The idea of caster flag carrying is pretty fun to play around in PUG's.

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    While all of these things are completely subjective, and you must decide for yourself in the end, I will (in a biased manner) reccomend you pick dk.

    Firstly, I feel as if there are more interesting abilities to them. Death grip, chains of ice, AMS, ghoul, army, all of this stuff I find very "fun" to have at my disposal.

    Secondly, I feel as though DKs aren't as fotm as warriors, for the first time possibly ever? With the way warriors are dominating in MoP everybody wants to be one but DKs not as much (though still popular). I don't know if you're the type that would rather be special, or doesn't mind doing what the majority is doing but you mentioned it so I touched on it.

    Lastly, I personally have always had a better experience with my death knight, and in random BGs it's going to come down to how well you play if you want to be a successful flag carrier. Blood will perform a little less well than prot, but if you do it right it comes down to how you play, not how the class plays.

    TLDR: Warriors are in a much better place right now, they deal more damage and have more control and as far as i know that's why any team would take an arms warrior over a dk...but if you were to ask me, I would choose dk still as it is more fun to me and while a little worse off, offers a much better experience.

    As for warlocks, no clue. I don't mess with casters but they do look like some fun now in MoP.

    As for spec: frost is more widely regarded as the better pvp spec. Again it comes to how you play the spec, but frost can deal more damage and get to it quicker but unholy's diseases are more powerful, for those times you can't stay on your target. Also, frost @89 is a monster. But that doesn't matter.

    I hope some of this gives you the insight you were looking for.

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    As always it comes down to personal preference, however, speaking personally (as an avid plate+2h'er fan) I'd pick up a DK simply because I find them more fun to play. You could say, pick a warrior then a nerf comes down the pipe and they suddenly lose their appeal. Again, I know it's a cop out answer, but try both get a feel for both and see which one appeals to you most and have fun with it.

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    I love my DK but I've never been fond of Melee in PVP, however take that with a grain of salt because I'm not that much of a PVPer and would rather heal a BG than DPS. With the little I've done with my DK I find; Blood is fun as a flag carrier but you won't do that much damage, frost is great for random BGs as one of your main abilities is an AOE but your rather squishy and I haven't really tried UH (yet I hear that is our best PVP spec).

    I'd try a DK out at least, the nice part being you'll have most your core rotation abilities by level 70 so it won't take you long to figure out what they'll feel like at 90.

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