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    That's an atrocious loot system, and your GM and officers are selfish, greedy loot whores who deserve their guild to collapse around their ears.

    Quote Originally Posted by pufyanny View Post

    I'll have a talk with them first, if they say NO then i'll start seraching for a guild and when next time it happens I'll just Rage quit and /gquit they diserve it tbh...

    btw any1 recruiting locks ?
    Way classier to leave with an extremely eloquent, calm statement explaining exactly why you're leaving. If you leave in a tantrum they'll just think you're in the wrong and throwing out insults as you leave. Don't let them get away with kidding themselves that they're in the right.

    But yes: leave, leave, get away from that awful guild. Everyone wants warlocks right now!

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    What a massive stupid lootsystem. Show your gm this thread, really. What a duchebag.

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    Quote Originally Posted by parish View Post
    What a massive stupid lootsystem. Show your gm this thread, really. What a duchebag.
    Dammit hes in EU I can't troll his entire guild ._. I wanted to do it so bad haha

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    Quote Originally Posted by pufyanny View Post
    I'll have a talk with them first, if they say NO then i'll start seraching for a guild and when next time it happens I'll just Rage quit and /gquit they diserve it tbh...
    There is much more pleasure to be had from being a diplomatic and two-faced cunt than being a rager and a loudmouth. Let people simmer confusedly with the idea wether or not they just got screwed over by you intentionally or wether it was an unfortunate series of events, but never take away the doubt so they can start profiling and demonising you as a raging asshole.

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    Liek everyone already said: GM/officer > memeber = crap. I would leave the guild.

    Cause 'they've (probably) been using this rule since the start of their guild and it has worked, so why do you try to change it, you lootwhore'! - is something i've been told aswell in a similar situation. It makes me angry :P

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    I'm not really sure you understand everything going on. In the log you linked, you are doing more DPS than an SPriest, true. However, what you fail to see is that sustained AoE is one of Demo's strong sides, while Priests aren't that great at it. Check out What you also seem to either forget or not know is that the Priest is on dispel duty there.
    I don't agree with the loot system either (if it is really straight officers > rest). However, usually you know a guilds loot system before you join. If you don't like it, don't join. Simple as that.

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    I would never join a guild that has that kind of loot system in the first place. You end up forever having to be in the position to provide gear you get on your own while your officers don't have to work as hard. They also do much higher dps than you no matter what until you start getting around the same ilevel. You still have some upgrades you could get on your own like dark moon card and the inscription fan once you get a one hand. Put jade spirit on it and app elsewhere. Do that and you could get in a better guild. Unless you always want recruit status on loot?

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    Officers, GM loot preference is silly. I was in a guild in Lich King and even though it was a tight clique, they didn't work like this. Specific raid classes like Tank Healer, Main Tank, Off-Tank may get preference, but to assign it to individuals is completely unfair. I would just leave the guild. It's not whining if you are deliberately being treated unfairly.

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    You're on Frostmane, since I play there I know there are quite a lot of guilds that have 2-3 heroic progress that are recruiting ranged classes. If I was you I would show your shitty officers and GM the finger, gquit and find another guild.
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    So best advise u can get is to read again warlock thread here on mmo and practice practice practice,so anyguild on ur server would want u as dps lock in their raids

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    Quote Originally Posted by pufyanny View Post
    '' . The officer priest is 486 ilvl , that's 6 over me and he does lower dmg then me...the other officer mage is 483 and he is not so much over me. So Reyialin you see...no1 was yelling at the priest for doing low dmg, as I said he is the last on 90% of the bosses.
    I'dd say that the mages overall dps is 33k more than you, is a rather big diffrence, for 3 ilvls.
    Pretty sure he's better than you. That still doesn't justify the system, but saying "no so much over me" is pretty far from the truth <.<
    The Spriest is just doing badly overall i guess.

    So you might want to improve your play, and leave the guild in an ordered manner, telling that you find the loot-system to be unfair.
    Could look for another raid, and when you've found one, tell that you found one with rules you feel is more fitting.
    Explain it with enough people online, so it's not just officers version afterwards they hear in the guild, and leave.

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    To be honest, I'd leave that guild immediately and search for less stupid guild. There is no doubt in my mind that it's going to sink sooner or later. Probably sooner.

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    i'd find a new guild, these guys sound like a bunch of selfish tools.

    it's one thing to loot council it to an officer who will be a much more regular attendee and also pulls some of the best numbers, it's another thing entirely to give loot directly to an office because he is an officer.
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    Most loot council systems are usually like that, to deck officers in epix while rest gets nothing, carrying 2-3 people. But this one is outstanding as usually guilds doing this have some excuse (he needs this item more, its more upgrade to him, he attended more raids etc) but you're facing flat out loot whore system leeching from all of you poor raiders. They don't even make excuses and you let yourself being robbed out of gear you deserve as much as them. Get another guild IMO. Several months ago I was on trial in such a horrible guild. I was also only agility mail user and they took it one step too far - when upgrade for me (and just for me) dropped officer took it and disenchanted in front of my face. NO GEAR FOR TRIAL LOLOL. I left mid-raid and gquit, I mean come on, that shard was worth 100 gold. They quickly cockblocked on 3rd hc boss in DS and eventually disbanded, no wonder raiders steered clear of this ninja guild.
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    Quote Originally Posted by parish View Post
    What a massive stupid lootsystem. Show your gm this thread, really. What a duchebag.
    Definitely this. Assuming your guild has a forum OP, leave this thread linked there with a post explaining why you're leaving just to show them how stupid their system is.
    Quote Originally Posted by -Apathy- View Post
    Dammit hes in EU I can't troll his entire guild ._. I wanted to do it so bad haha
    I can, nerr! :3

    (Not that I would... )
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    Well, at least you have a chance against 2-3 people. I just got onto a guild which distribute loot based on EPGPs. That system is ok, but they made some "tweaks", higher ranks loots before lower ranks. I mean, I just got in (2 weeks ago) and there are 1 GM, 5 Officials, 3 Core Raiders, 6 Raiders and the grunt, Trial Raiders (me). I've asked to be promoted to Raider, since I was never late, I always bring food, flasks, pots and I usually 1-3 top on dps. They never answer.
    The good thing is it we raid a little earlier than other guilds so I can sleep well (3hrs over other guilds). This is the only way I can work and raid now. The bad thing is that being lower rank sucks, you are actually spending your time and resources just to gear other people. If I find another competitive guild wich raids on my time bracket, I'll change, I deserve better. OP, if you think you are better than they say, do the same, don't be a slave.

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    Loot system is stupid sure, but then again it is their guild so who are you to complain? If you don't like it you shouldn't have joint, and if it is a new system you should leave. Anyone who puts time and effort into building their guild has the right to put whatever rules in place they want, it is their guild after all.

    Also using your ilvl as an excuse when you are 4 ilvls below the others is a bit weak. You are much better off checking some sites that compare top 100 parses on bosses and seeing how your class/spec performs in comparison to theirs. You might find that shadow priests are weaker on some fights than warlocks hence you beat someone with better gear.

    So yeh, don't use gear as an excuse to not improve how you play (seeing as warlocks are one of the top DPS classes right now) and don't moan on a forum about the loot system, post on your own forums about it and if you don't get the response you like then leave.

    EDIT: As to DungeonMaster, again whilst I support the idea of leave if you ain't happy, expecting a promotion after just two weeks sounds a bit soon. Maybe their rules state you should expect to be on trial for a month? Why would they give loot to a new person who after two weeks has decided to leave. This is exactly why you have a trial period in the first place with a low loot prio.
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    and our guild 'loot rules' are officers,gm prio over other members.
    All I have to read is this and I can tell you to leave your guild, there are a lot of reasons you don't do this. I remember being a 25m guild where all the officers and their friends loot alll went to them because it was an officer loot council, and I dumped that guild to join a 25m guild that did loot council by randomly taking 7 or 8 people into a channel and talking about performance/attendance/items already won etc.

    but anyway, long story short a guild that does loot this way doesn't care about you, only themselves. you're just their to fill the other raid spots. There are plenty of 10m guilds out there, don't waste your time with a bunch of tools.

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    You might not belive it but such guilds are increadibly easy to break. If the officer and the GM gets all the loot get all the other members and just leave. It's not like they can provide you with anything another guild can't. Thats my opinion anyway, the GM should be happy you are there spending your free time to help him out with his guild.

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    Don't even say goodbye. They obviously have nothing but contempt for you.

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