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    The Balance druid and haste

    So I know balance is all about "dat crit"! It's great getting those star surge procs. Love it. Love seeing those big crits pop up all over the place.

    I also understand right now with gear it's best to go for the haste break point and then gem crit, reforge crit.

    And this is where I get to questioning things. I have never been one to rely on RNG, and it seems that with the 5273 haste point you aren't (if bad RNG) able to push from solar to lunar without having to refresh your dots.

    Has anyone found a comfortable haste point to where you can do this?

    or should I just rely on RNG to push me?

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    Well, you either go for that cap or you pay much attention to haste at all since the first cap is around 230 rating (before T14). Balance is my offspec, but I noticed a dps increase going from 3500 haste to 5279 (6 over the cap). I ignore refreshing the dots, because when they fall off it's usually around 1 cast before eclipse.

    Take this with a grain of salt as I don't strive to play perfectly as balance, because my usual role is being a bear and taking swings to the face, so I only dps every other week due to our rotation on 1-tank fights =)

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    Isn't haste breakpoint 12.5% WITH moonkin aura, meaning it's suboptimal to get haste after 7.5%?

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