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    Bring back Focused Attacks and crit will finally be useful for rogues.

    Crit's problem is that its rating conversion is determined around specs that function around crits (fire mages, warriors, etc.) because Blizzard wants to avoid the insane scaling that happened with some classes in WoTLK. So if you're a spec that doesn't have a mechanic that boosts the value of crit or requires crit to function properly then haste will be stronger because 1% haste is cheaper than 1% crit.

    The best ways to deal with this problem is to add an equivalent mechanic to every spec or just increase the value of crit on specs that don't have a "crit mechanic" like Elemental Fury for Ele Shaman where your crits do more than 200% damage.
    Again, Focussed Attacks in its original version will also increase the value of Haste and even double the effect Haste has on energy regen. To increase the value of crit alone, something has to be added on critical effects that are not affected by haste : Rupture.

    EDIT : As I am (almost) not playing anymore since the begining of Cata (Crapaclysm ), it was not easy for me to find a proove whether or not Rupture was affected by haste in Mop. Actually, it seems it is still not affected by haste ( ). Do not hesitate to correct me if I am wrong.
    Rogue forever... :'(

    EDIT 2 :
    For those of you who have forgotten what a Wow patch used to be :

    I remember the game as it used to be...
    Not... the abomination it has become.
    My rogue bears the burdon of GC's misjudgement.
    But I've been patient, I've been waiting...
    And when the time is right, the (rogue) betrayer
    will become... the betrayed (by the share holders...)
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