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    what can i improve?

    Hi all. I was wondering if anyone could help me decypher my World of Logs page and show me where i can improve
    here is my log

    my toon's name is Khaldrogo

    is my shuffle up time too low? or ok.
    is my elusive brew up time is bad? I'm trying to make a weak aura to help me track that one.

    any help at all is appreciated.
    Thank you.

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    Looking at your WotE kill, since for tanks it's basically tank and spank with the occasional heavy movement part (which shouldn't affect uptimes on active mitigation if you do it right).

    Shuffle uptime was 81%: good, could be better.

    Elusive Brew uptime: you gained 144 stacks, but only had 132 seconds of uptime on the buff. This suggests you let it sit at 15 for a while, not using it. This could be explained by capping during the combo, but that should be a rarity: you should use up all your EB just before the combo so you can generate new stacks during it without risk of capping. That said the difference is quite small, so you're mostly fine here. Either the above is true, or it could just be you had a few stacks at the end of the fight and didn't bother to use them. Which is fine too!

    You used Expel Harm 9 times, could be more over a 10 minute fight.

    You hit heavy stagger 5 times, but the uptime was miniscule so you were quick at purifying it. Good job.

    You got hit by devastating arc 7 times: dance better! That should be 0, or 1-2 at a push.

    But yeah overall you're doing pretty good.

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