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    Your request would be fine if it wasn't 8hrs. Many casual guilds would raid 1 day a week, but casual hours (max 3hrs).

    You want a more old skool raid guild (the true hardcore), but those putting in those hours would tend to raid multiple days a week.
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    My guild through cata only raided 1 day per week. It worked out great until DS came out and everyone quit lol. Now the guild doesn't exist and the remaining few of us went to another guild.

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    They excist. My raid group raids Wednesday's and Friday's. sometime Tuesdays.

    We are jsut start on MsV Heroic progress this week.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Minaah View Post
    Heya Hugs- we're a 1 or 2 night a week guild, and our attendance policy isnt exactly mandatory-- what type of melee are ya and all that? We're looking for a skilled deathknight dps'er. We're on Doomhammer, US Horde. Guild name is Onslaught. Feel free to look us up.
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    Oh they exist alright .... my guild raids 1 night a week on Thursday nights for 6 hours. We're currently 7/16HM.

    We're not currently recruiting but HM progression is possible with a solid bunch of people.

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    Try to find a good guild that raids 2 times/week? After a month or two they should be able to clear all current content in one evening. The guild I was in raided Wednesday's and Sunday's.. After a couple of weeks we usually cleared all content on Wednesday and had altruns on Sundays.

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