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    Things you love even more than Kanye loves Kanye!

    We all know that Kanye West loves himself an awful lot.

    -What are some things you love even MORE than Kanye loves Kanye?

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    Bacon, we have a thing..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lushious View Post
    Bacon, we have a thing..
    Damn you! You beat me to it. :/

    Also, sleeping in on rainy mornings. And pooping when you REALLY need to go.

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    Redhead women.

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    Bacon, Irish women and waking up (yea I know, there's just something great in the feeling of waking up). If I ever wake up to the smell of bacon while an Irish woman cooks it for me I'll die a happy man.

    Edit; make that a singing Irish woman.

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    Sausages. Mmmmmmm, must go now.

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