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    Question Is there such an addon? Cosmetical Bars/Squares

    I'm trying to set up a new UI, and it just doesn't fit together as well as I'd like it to. A solution to this would be bars and "zones" that I could put around my recount+chat, as an example. Is there an addon that does such things? Purely cosmetical stuff?

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    check out elvui. it rebuilds the entire wow ui and is pretty easy to manipulate. for one it gives two chat boxes but i have mine set up so in one is omen and recount

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    kgPanels allows you to place panels on the screen in WoW - and these "panels" can be invisible but with borders, or lightly shaded, or have an image as background, etc. They can also be formed as very thin/narrow colored panels, to provide straight-line edges when you don't need all four sides enclosed. This can all be set up and done in-game.

    litePanels can do this as well, but it does not have an in-game configuration. Also, the same can be done in Lua code directly, but, again, there's no in-game configuration for it.
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    I use bartender to put a couple spells around my healbot and chat, not sure what exactly you are looking for as I am tired =)

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