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  • Nothing

    73 52.90%
  • less than 10 EUR/USD

    6 4.35%
  • less than 20 EUR/USD

    17 12.32%
  • less than 50 EUR/USD

    17 12.32%
  • under 100 EUR/USD

    11 7.97%
  • over 100 EUR/USD

    14 10.14%
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    How much have you spent on micro-transactions thus far?

    A simple question,

    excluding the initial purchase, how much money have you spent on micro-transactions in the game? (aka. buying Gems)

    Exchanging gold into Gems is not relevant to this question. This is only about how much real money you've spent on micro transaction.
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    I haven't purchased any gems with real money, though I have exchanged ingame gold for gems. I am, however, considering buying one of those gem card things if the retail price is the same as ingame exchange.

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    Currently wishing I hadn't.
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    Not a penny. Have done alot of gold to gems though.

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    Spent £25 so far, mainly to get gems for more bank space because I am a hoarder of tat and monkey hats! Some of it was spent on a new character slot as well.
    P.S. You missed £ sterling currency off your poll but I'll forgive you being as we're awkward and different to the rest of EU lol
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    Zero. The cash shop has seemed like a half-hearted money grab right from the start, never appealed at all.

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    I havent bought a single thing from the gemstore, havent even turned my gold into gems (mostly cuz i dont have enough of it). I do plan on eventually buying another character slot because i never played a necro even in beta and i really want to try it out. Other than that there is nothing i find useful for me in the gemstore other than maybe an extended bank and extra bag slot. The bank is definitely more helpful because i have things in there that should have been part of the collectables tabs seeing as how they are ingredients but they cant be stored there so i gotta put them in my bank.

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    Not much, only thing i got was the boxing gloves and some extra bank slots.

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    Around 30 euros for char slot, bank space and BL keys.
    Got the Shield Halloween skin with those keys so i suppose everything is k :3

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    bought 800 gems for $10 and spent 600 gems of $7.5 for a extra bank slot.

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    3 x 50 euros here, for char slots, bank slots, and inventory slots, also bought some pet and dye packs

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    Quote Originally Posted by slipn View Post
    Not a penny. Have done alot of gold to gems though.
    Cool feature.
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    Too much, and regretted every purchase with the exception of char/bank slots.

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    I've spent €20 during the halloween event for costumes.

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    Bought me one gem card, mostly to reward devs for Halloween event. I guess that's a fair way to sort it out: when they release some substantial content I like, I'll buy a card. If they don't release anything nice, I'll buy nothing.

    Dunno what to do with all those gems, though. Character slots and storage space is pretty much the only two things I'm interested in. I wonder what's the character slot cap.

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    $40 bucks so far, mostly on dyes and costumes. I used gold for extra bank and bag slots.

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    Does it count if I bought a gem card @ 24.95 each for my niece and nephew? I'm a long time market player/farmer/hoarder - so always have plenty of gold to convert. They picked the gem cards over iTunes cards though for their birthdays.

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    I spent $20. I was planning on treating this game as a subscription MMO and buying $10 a month, but after the first two months I realized I can make plenty of gems by converting gold. I converted 10 gold a little bit ago and haven't spent any of the gems. Before that I did 10 gold and bought some bank slots and a few other things. I wouldn't be spending $40 a month on gems but I can convert that much in gold on a whim.

    I really like the way the game is going so I don't mind handing them some extra money for their efforts, I just haven't really felt the need though. : P

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    About 100 euro I guess. Only bought things that save me time though, not vanity BS.

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    So far the cash shop options are pretty disappointing. I have 200+ gold but rarely even fill my 8 slot bags. The costume armors are hideous. The town clothes option is super not-worth-it city.

    I have no need for XP, crafting or Karma boosters-- max level, max all crafts, don't spend karma on anything, super rich.

    There really is nothing for me to buy in the CS. I would like to if they ever add anything worth my $.

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