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I can see why they did it, though it still depresses me. I have a 29 twink I geared up back in BC/WOTLK. I miss being able to go god mode on him. Spent thousands of Gold getting head enchant, shoulder enchant, leg enchant weapon enchant. Got all the PIS items, even sniped the trinket from the arena area. Now he is useless but I don't have the heart to get rid of him.

HOWEVER, I can see why they did it. When I played it was rare that the other team had more than 1 twink. I would be able to 1-2 shot anyone. It was fun for me, but miserable for them I am sure. I know I hate it when I am on the receiving end. So they made it so you can turn off XP but then are in a different bracket. Now I can que for 3-4 hours without 1 game. But on the other hand the people wanting to level can do so.
Like you and post of above again anwered the OP's question and that is people who really twinked back in the day would have a main and would sink alot gold into twinking say a level 19 player out. I had a hunter twink back in TBC and spent easily 10k gold on him and I didn't even have the Pat Nagle fishing hat and the Gurabashi Trinket. Even then I could step into a WSG and rack up like 60 kills with no sweat. No I was not an awesome player and yes twink hunters were/are retardly easy to play but maybe there would be multiple twinks on other side but most was just farm kills for me. I finally got bored and deleted him before all these changes occured.