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    WORLD FIRST level 80 solo of Anub'Rekhan in naxxramas 25 man

    I figured i would put my death knight to the test and go into naxxramas to solo the first boss in the spider quarter which has never been done before at level 80.(Have found no solid evidence of a kill of him before mine) I hope you enjoy the video. My channel is --REMOVED-- there you can find a few videos of my DK and there will be more.
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    At first i was like :O
    Then i read "DK"

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    Yay for more pointless self-proclaimed world firsts.

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    There's a level 80 DK that solo'd LK HC 10, quite frankly, I doubt you're the first 80 DK to do this

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    The way level 80's stats scale with 410+ items does not equate to any level of skill, just sayin'

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    Don't spam this thread in multiple forums

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