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    Big FPS issue...

    ..so let's start saying that my client with the release of Pandaria was crashing a lot. Then I realized that automatically the game turned on the DX11 and 64 bit client, switched back to DX9 and 32bit, no more crash. The other day with a crash, I have also achieved a nice BSOD that deleted all setting of wow (graphic, macro, ui). From that moment i have this fps issue and also a lag/swap/fps drop when i open the achievement tab. Fact:

    - I have an ASUS GTX 680 DCII OC default settings, last Nvidia driver 306.97
    - always played all settings on ultra, always 55/60 fps everywere, before and after pandaria (tonight at the Shrine was doing 29fps instead of 60 )
    - with the crash the file config.wtf was resetted (no backup )
    - uninstalled, downloaded, reinstalled the client from 0, same problems

    So I was thinking maybe it's a setting that is no more present in the client option but you need to set it via config/console like the ffxglow and the ffxdeath, suggestion? Thankx for future answers and sorry for my english :P

    Here my config.wtf

    SET readTOS "1"
    SET readEULA "1"
    SET readScanning "-1"
    SET readContest "-1"
    SET locale "enGB"
    SET showToolsUI "1"
    SET accounttype "MP"
    SET readTerminationWithoutNotice "1"
    SET gxApi "D3D9"
    SET launchThirtyTwoBitClient "1"
    SET installLocale "enUS"
    SET enterWorld "1"
    SET hwDetect "0"
    SET videoOptionsVersion "5"
    SET gxWindow "0"
    SET gxMaximize "0"
    SET gxVSync "1"
    SET gxMultisample "8"
    SET graphicsQuality "5"
    SET movieSubtitle "1"
    SET mouseSpeed "1"
    SET Gamma "1.000000"
    SET disableServerNagle "0"
    SET ChatMusicVolume "0.29999998211861"
    SET ChatSoundVolume "0.39999997615814"
    SET ChatAmbienceVolume "0.29999998211861"
    SET VoiceActivationSensitivity "0.39999997615814"
    SET Sound_OutputQuality "2"
    SET Sound_NumChannels "64"
    SET Sound_EnableMusic "0"
    SET Sound_MasterVolume "0.40000000596046"
    SET Sound_SFXVolume "0.20000000298023"
    SET Sound_MusicVolume "0.20000000298023"
    SET Sound_AmbienceVolume "0.20000000298023"
    SET Sound_EnableSoundWhenGameIsInBG "1"
    SET farclip "1300"
    SET waterDetail "3"
    SET sunShafts "2"
    SET groundEffectDensity "128"
    SET groundEffectDist "260"
    SET environmentDetail "150"
    SET projectedTextures "1"
    SET shadowMode "3"
    SET shadowTextureSize "2048"
    SET SSAO "1"
    SET textureFilteringMode "5"
    SET terrainLodDist "650"
    SET componentTextureLevel "0"
    SET weatherDensity "3"
    SET ffxGlow "0" -----------------> via console
    SET ffxDeath "0" -----------------> via console
    SET gameTip "15"
    SET uiScale "0.71111111111111"
    SET useUiScale "1"
    SET showGameTips "0" -----------------> via console
    SET Sound_EnableErrorSpeech "0"
    SET gxCursor "0"

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    Again, 19 fps at the Sha instead of 60. There is a chance that the problem is WoW is using less core of the cpu than usual?[COLOR="red"][COLOR="red"]
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    Hopefully a moderator can move this thread.

    Anyway, it's no help if you only post your GPU, as a 560 TI is enough to max out WoW, rest is dependant on your CPU.

    Also, run the game in DX11 and not in DX9 SET gxApi "D3D11. I normally get only 30 FPS in DX9 mode and then over 60 in DX11.

    Edit: Also remove your GPU drivers completely and then reinstall them.
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    Random crashes are sometimes made by bad/fault memory module.

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    Question 1:What was the BSOD message? (Like Bad Memory Pool)

    Question 2: When was the last time you formatted? I am asking this cause your PC is obviously fucked up.

    Answer 1: Your problems is quite clearly one of these 2 things:

    a)Driver or heating issue, game shouldnt crash in DX11 with A GTX680, unless you are running Windows XP, then maybe it could, from what you are saying, it seems like you have really destroyed your windows installation or, your card, could be faulty in the sense, that the custom cards tend to be overvoltaged that causes issues randomly.

    B)Your hard drive or memory is gonna die soon, random crashes out of nowhere with files missing afterwards = Bad drive/Memory

    Search for the proper voltage your card should have, use GPU-Z to check, if you have one of those overvoltaged cards after that check temperatures everywhere with HWMonitor from CPU-Z, Run Memtest all night to check your RAM.

    After that -->Format-->Windows 7 64bit-->Full windows update-->Nvidia drivers-->Latest Realtek drivers cause thats what you have either way, unless you have a sound card, also avoid installing USB 3 drivers and similar stuff, just the basics needed for the PC, Windows, update them, GPU drivers, Sound drivers since the default are horrible and ethernet drivers.

    Also, try to upgrade the i am assuming you have Intel, the intel files, i dont remember the exact wording right now.

    If problem persists, you move onto hardware checking.

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    So thankx for the answers, let's see some random fact.
    - Before Pandaria was playing with a 560Ti all on ultra, except shadow on fair (DX9 and 60fps), then I switched to the GTX680 always ultra (DX9 and 60fps).
    - With Pandaria the client automatically switched to DX11 (many people on official forum are reporting random crash with DX11).
    - Already tryed to remove completely nvidia drivers and reinstall them.
    - Zero problem with Battlefield 3, Diablo 3, SC2 and other game.
    - Already done a Prime95 mem test, no problem.
    - Monitored temperature of the card and it's all good.
    - Didn't read in time the BSOD because he rebooted too quickly (it's the only BSOD that I got since I have built this pc 12 September 2011).
    - Windows, all programs and WoW are on the SSD.
    - The only problem that I have with my PC is WoW after Pandaria.

    I'll do you the same question i have asked to a blu on the official forum: there is a chance that the game recognize the video card and accordingly the client upscale the valor in the config? Let's be a little more clear. I was playing with a 560Ti on ultra, then switched to a 680 and I was using the same config.wtf file. After the BSOD all valor in the config were lost. So here an old config (august) when I was using the 560 and the new one using the 680

    Config GTX560 TI (in game ULTRA) --> Config GTX680 (in game ULTRA)

    SET videoOptionsVersion "4" ----------> SET videoOptionsVersion "5"
    SET farclip "1057" ----------------------> SET farclip "1300"
    SET groundEffectDensity "96" ---------> SET groundEffectDensity "128"
    SET groundEffectDist "200" ------------> SET groundEffectDist "260"
    SET environmentDetail "125" ----------> SET environmentDetail "150"
    SET shadowMode "1" ------------------> SET shadowMode "3"
    SET componentTextureLevel "9" ------>SET componentTextureLevel "0"

    SET waterDetail "3" -------------------> Same
    SET sunShafts "2" ---------------------> Same
    SET projectedTextures "1" ------------> Same
    SET textureFilteringMode "5" ----------> Same
    SET weatherDensity "3" ---------------> Same
    SET terrainMipLevel "0" ----------------> Dosn't exist
    Dosn't exist ---------------------------> SET terrainLodDist "650"

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    Guessing the autoupgrade to DX11 is more than your vid card really wants to handle.

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    Disable any OC on the GPU, I have WoW crashing also if I have any overclocks active on my 580.

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