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    Looking for a good free game

    I'm not really into shooters but you can recommend.

    I need something to pass my time for when I pick up my xbox this friday. I'm waiting for my drug test to go through for my job and have like 2 weeks of complete free time. I need something too play before I go insane.

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    Can mess around with EQ2 or SWTOR F2P. Will buy you enough time.

    One of those also works, hehe.

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    I'd recommend trying out World of Tanks if you haven't already. Quite fun.
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    www.kongregate.com is a good flash games site, and some of the Protector Games can easily eat up a LOT of spare time.

    Well, they do for me anyways
    Maybe Rift-Lite or one of the F2P MMOs out there as well? SUrely worth a shot, even if you only spend 5-6 hours on each, its still time wasted which I guess is your aim?

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