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    Why WoW GMs rule!

    Here is a little problem I was having in wow on a specific toon of mine. Basically my girlfriend cast levitate on me but it had a glyph to appear as if your floating on a cloud.

    "Hello my great friends of Blizz,

    I happen to have eaten too many sticky treats (actually a friend cast levitate glyphed for with cloud) and now I keep having to pass gas... constantly. I've tried to mount up and run but it only follows me wherever I go. I've tried going on a long voyage to another continent and yet its will me here too.

    Please help, my friends don't want to party with me "

    "**As you sit in miserable solitude, the patrons of your favorite Tavern having left because of the constant puffs of gas being released from your body. You ponder what your unlife will be like now, without even the company of strangers.
    You attempt to drain the large pitcher of highly alcoholic liquid in front of you, but are interrupted by yet another puff of foul-smelling gas erupting from your body.

    At this, even the Tavern keeper flees!
    You look down at your trusty and faithful imp, only to find him trying desperately to claw his way through the floorboards, while muttering to himself:
    "definitely not in my contract, not in my contract, nobody said anything about smells, fighting giant monsters yes, smells no... no no no no.. do you see my nose, not in my contract, not in my contract!"
    In a rare bout of mercy, you disband him to his home plane.

    Today, is truly a bad day.

    "Fear not brave... oh by Mechatorque's bearded chin, what is that smell?!"
    You glance up to see a Gnome... a gnome? Of all the places, a gnome here?!
    "One moment please," he reaches into his robes and pulls out a thick rubber mask, that makes him look almost like an insect. You hear his muffled voice speaking to... someone.
    "Yes, I found him, and have the crew suit up for full on containment, this is bad... like really bad, like the gas vapor thing but in a corps-- oh he is a corpse, never mind. Yeah just get the rest down here."

    You see him take a large foam hammer out of the blue robes he is wearing, intrigued, you watch as he smacks it repeatedly against the ground.

    Suddenly 4 other blue-robed gnomes in similar masks, appear out of the ground.

    "Right boys! Let's get him!"

    Before you react the team of blue-robed gnomes leap through the air to pin you down, the leader pulls some kind of hose from his pockets and begins trying to stuff it down your mouth.

    "Look, buddy, this can go easy, or it can go rough, open wide and let us help!"
    Soon he has the hose shoved down your throat, and he flicks a switch on the back of one of his companions.

    You fell this strange tingling sensation throughout your body, and then there is a violent explosion of the noxious gas.
    "Hold fast guys! He had it really bad!"

    Soon, however, the hose manages to eat up all of the gas, and to your pleasant surprise you are no longer expelling anything.

    With a sharp yank the lead Gnome pulls the hose out of your mouth.
    "Right-o, off we go. We got another one hiding out Dragonblight somewhere, c'mon boys! Oh... and you never saw us, okay?"

    You nod, thankful that your problem is finally cured, even if by Gnomes.
    As they leave, a letter materializes out of the air in front of you with a loud *POP*
    It reads:

    "Game Master ********* here, sorry for the rough treatment, but this stuff is nasty, and if we don't get every bit of it, it'll eventually come back. Don't worry, you should be fine now. Just promise us you'll do something about the other smell. Y'know, the one that comes from you being dead and all."

    Sorry if I posted in the wrong section, I just wanted to share my GM convo.

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    lmao thats funny
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    That GM is racist towards undead.

    But that was amazazing. A quest like that would be great.
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    Now THAT, is great!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Flaks View Post
    That GM is racist towards undead.

    But that was amazazing. A quest like that would be great.
    Must be a gnome

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    Sometimes I envy those on RP servers.
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    Roleplay server?

    Cause that was bloody epic

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tedsterz View Post
    Roleplay server?

    Cause that was bloody epic
    Nope, I play on trollbane us

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    Hehe that was excellent.

    It makes me giggle even more considering the other night while waiting for Sha I popped zen meditation and one of my guildies remarked that I looked like I was "passing gas" so two more of my monk guildies popped up and did it with me.

    Epic GM response, it's good to see they still do stuff like that.

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