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View Poll Results: Do You Think Healer Priests Will Be Playable in Competitive Level This Xpac ?

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  • Yes, 5.1 Is good

    21 80.77%
  • No, Pally does everything we do better then we do

    5 19.23%
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    Healer Priests in Competitive Scene

    Regarding current situation of regen, armor, cc's i'd say no.

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    Don't know all that much, but just looking at the Blood Legion kill video, Disc Priests beat both the Paladins on Healing total. I think Priests are just ridiculously gear dependent in comparison to the rest of the healers, and Disc Priests especially can be very competitive due to their CDs, and the fact they can also throw out higher dps while healing than any other healer. Now, on Holy, I don't know.

    Would I say healing priests are the best? No. Would I say Pally does everything we do better? No. They do some things better, and some things not. Do I think 5.1 is good? I'd like to see some holy buffs and maybe some quality of life fixes for discipline, but yes, I think were in a good place.

    Now only discussing regen, armor, and cc, and ONLY those 3, were behind on all 3 of those. But just because were lacking in those departments does not mean were in-viable for competitive level.

    Once more, I don't have personal experience. This is from just reading forums and watching kill vids. I'm casual myself.

    Edit: accidently a word.

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    Each class plays the role of a healer differently

    You can't compare play styles of different classes within the same raid.

    This poll feels like a troll on paladins in the priest thread tbh.

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    PvE, we're good, possibly great. PvP...we'll see what happens with Focused Will. I'd still feel a lot more comfortable with better escape/mobility/CC capability, but hopefully Focused Will makes us into the "cloth tank" we were in 4.3 and WotLK for PvP.

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    If you don't mention PvP or PvE people will just assume it's PvE. Holy, Disc and Shadow should all be in a good place in 5.1 PvE. Disc might be okay in PvP...The higher gear level and rapture buff might be enough to fix mana issues. I still agree with Sodah that just giving Disc dispersion only in PvP instead of focused will would fix everything. Shadow will probably remain the best PvP caster alongside mages so no issue there.

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    I didn't vote because of your stupid poll answers. When making a poll the objective is to be as unbiased as possible.

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    no need to rage, i was objective. tho as Dorfie said i wasnt clear maybe. I mentioned to PvP and in PvP atm paladins does everything we can, in a better way. there wasnt anything subjective about that

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    I haven't played 5.1 yet, should I?

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