Recently got an on use int trinket, and I've been wondering what it would be best to macro it to. In cata it was easy enough because of AA. But now its a bit less obvious.

Right now I have it macrod to my fiend. But I'm not sure about the benefits of this. Mana is never really a problem, so using it at the start of a fight isn't too bad, and if I ever would need the mana it would be up again by then. I'm wondering if there is something better I could be using it on?

Perhaps macro it to fiend and MB? Use it at the start with fiend, and then it would be activated on CD after that with my mind blast. Or maybe DP? Thoughts?

Also I feel like my DPS is lower then it should be. I'm sitting at 465 itm lvl and am averaging about 40k. I don't have logs unfortunately, but I feel like I am doing the rotation right. MB on CD DP as soon as I have three orbs, dots aren't falling off.

The only thing that I can think of is proc management, and using them in the right order when they proc.

For instance I have two stacks of FDCL and a MB proc from DI, so I use MB then both stacks of FDCL. But then when you throw in like SWD in the mix I can get a bit thrown off at times. I was using ToF for a bit too and switched back to FDCL today. Keep in mind this is all dungeons and some LFR, haven't been raiding much yet but am pushing to start next week if I can get a bit of luck in the LFR and a second valor piece. Is the combination of lacking all the buffs and occasionally messing up the priority of procs enough to drop me down from the 45-50k I am currently simming at?