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    augments and PvP is it worth the time and cost

    hey guys srry to make a thread on this but didnt see any on the first few pages bout pvp.

    anyway i was debating on putting augments on my lobie (lvl14) manndo, he is going to be pvp only and any extra push i can get from him would be great since im a squishy turret atm.

    so is it worth it or does bolster negate its effects

    thanks guys

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    bolster def does not negate its effects. Essentially the way it works is that you gain stats within a range based off your gear score for your level. So having up to date augments would probably help
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    Augments always help

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    If anything bolster makes them even better. This is why you see some ppl with 12k or less life then others with 14k or higher, those ppl are geared ahead of the curve and surprise surprise have an easier time roflstomping ppl in wzs.
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    I would hold off investing in high-grade mods until the mid-20's. You will blow through early levels too quick and have the mods go obsolete. If you're not concerned about a cost sink, then I would just suggest upgrading mods every 5-6 levels with at least the current blue quality pieces.

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    Augments make the biggest difference at END Game. You could buy augments and kits every 10 levels. I wouldn't worry about doing it too much though. Itd be very expensive.

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