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    Based on the spec you're in.

    All my experience on multiple characters supports this.
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    i've only done it as holy, and so far i've only had 2 pvp pieces, both for holy.

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    It's supposed to be by spec, but it's been confirmed by a blue that there is a bug that can cause you to get offspec loot.

    I tanked Sha in tank spec and got the DPS Tier pants. This was a couple weeks ago, though.

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    Only perk to being a Guardian/Feral Druid. Gear is gear I got the boots and the bag of gold yesterday. My first Sha kill in MoP. Was kinda fun having 1 piece of gear take me to ilvl 443. Can't wait to see what is next

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    only done Sha once, but I got Brewmaster Legs for my Brewmaster, so I'd say loot is a fact
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    So if there is a bug why do you think blizzard won't help people out. Personally I dont think its good business practice to not correct your mistakes. Its not like what is happening is the players fault. If blizzard wanted to they could easily correct the mistakes with gear. I am sure they can find out if we killed the boss and if we have the loot. I am sure there will be a small amount of people who will " feign" that they got the wrong loot despite their spec and want it changed, but so what it would probably be a very tiny population compared to the people who actually were victim to the developer bug.

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    My guardian druid has 4 pairs of Tier gloves and 2 pairs of tier pants. all Guardian.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GnomercyBeastmaster View Post
    Only perk to being a Guardian/Feral Druid. Gear is gear
    Guardian and Feral tier sets are not the same anymore.

    It's pretty much exactly like a plate tank repurposing dps gear now. And as far as the pvp gear goes, it's the same set, but every other tank class is in the same boat.

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    One pvp belt in 4 kills. but still better than nothing.

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    28g every single week. never gotten a piece.

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    So far it sounds like the classes that are getting Sha loot of the wrong spec are DKs and Priests.

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    I spent like 5 of those tokens the first week before they fixed it and got gold everytime
    every week since then 2x gold

    my friend basically has a full pvp offset from it and all he does is pve

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    I've tanked it every week. Only warrior tanking tier gloves (twice) have dropped so far

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    Sha can drop loot? lol bs.

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    I've gotten 4 dps gloves and 1 dps leg killing him as a dps dk. Did it once as blood on accident, got tank legs. Gotten 2 healing things on my druid as resto.

    There was a bug for priests or something giving loot to all specs randomly, but otherwise it's 100% spec based, even with PVP gear, though not all classes have multiple sets of those.

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    My rogue, both bits of teir are from Sha of Anger.
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    Got 0 items from Sha , but guildie of mine got 2set in 1 kill

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    So for me,

    Holy Paladin got Holy legs.
    Mistweaver Monk got Mistweaver gloves.
    Balance Druid got Balance gloves.

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    I got very lucky with Sha drops; on my two 90's I got the tier leggings on my warrior and the tier gloves on my shaman the first time they killed him. I believe my warrior got a PvP piece the following week (bracer or belt,something like that).

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    pvp cloak from boomkin last week, tier gloves for paladin this week.

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