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    I got tier legs last week without using a coin. For my spec as well.

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    I've only gotten leggings from him, the second or third week.

    I play a Priest. Priests were special and had to get called out specifically regarding Sha of Anger dropping wrong-spec loot for us.

    The Sha of Anger will now provide loot appropriate to each Priest specialization.
    I heal. I got Shadow legs. This was over a month ago, however, prior to the hotfix (Oct 12), and I've only gotten gold ever since. I cannot say if he's still dropping wrong-spec for my class any longer.

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    Edited by Zarhym on 11/9/12 3:31 PM (PST)
    I do however wish that Sha (and Galleon?) random loot rolls would give you gear based on your spec instead of any spec from your class.

    They're supposed to. We just double-checked with the developers on this, as we've seen conflicting information go out to players. If you get loot from world bosses that isn't for your spec, that's a bug and the item flagging needs to be fixed. Be sure to report specific items on the Bug Report forum.

    Apologies for any confusion in this regard.

    This same bug has been going on for weeks now. Its not supposed to be happening. No word on blizzard owning up and making things right with those who have taken it up the butt

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    i've got 2 set, but its two gloves. one for each hand. makes me emo.
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    Ive gotten gloves and legs for my monk, both tankingpieces (I went as tank both times) and the shadowlegs on my priest, also in the correct spec.

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    They say it is also spec-specific yes.

    But then again, as a warlock (yes only 1 type of loot blablabla) I only received 4x the same PvE hands from it anyways, while doing it in full PvP gear, which just happens to be worse than getting gold unless you're an enchanter. So it might perhaps look at your spec, but that's about it.
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    Bonus roll got me tier gloves for my spec.

    Otherwise, non-bonus rolls have gotten me pvp gear.
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    they drop for class and spec, my warrior got the legs and hands, funny been doing it every week and thats all i won, i think my warrior is lucky my lock and shammy have no Sha drops yet and no pvp gear drops yet for any of them
    im not complaining =)

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    I got my ret pants tanking him and my tanking pants dpsing him so I'd say its a bit wonky

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aqua View Post
    Game: Hey this person said she wasn't going to pvp this tier.

    Wouldn't it be...

    Funny if...

    Every Sha Kill.


    Me: ...I'm in stitches. Truly.

    No I mean it, I only got gold one week, Every other week: PVP GEAR LOL. I mean it was fantastic the first week or two, free gear boost, woo. But now I'm just like.
    Holy crap, it's like we're kin.
    I've only gotten PVP gear with the normal rolls (except for last week which was gold x2) and gold when using an elder token.
    Every time I kill him I tell myself "I'm not using an Elder token" but then I think "Well... maybe this is the week..."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Huntaer View Post
    it's based on the role you go in. your role in the raid is dps, u find dps stuff. if its tank, u find tank stuff.. and so on
    It's the spec you are when the fight happens. I stay tank spec and just dps and got my tier tank legs.

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    Damn, I'm missing out. I think Sha is the only boss i haven't seen a single piece of loot from. Charm or roll, I figured he was just there for the 56g every week lol

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    Spec dependant it seems, gotten PvP bracers and 2set for DPS DK while being there so far, not tried going as blood.
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    last two weeks i got the mage 496 tier pants twice.

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