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    Guardian Advice

    Hi Guys,

    That is my Guardian currently, I recently swapped to him as my main after I got bored on first my Warrior and then my Pally and went back to my first tank, my bear.

    I currently have no issues as far as taking too much damage, or being rage starved if anything I am dumping a lot of rage with maul.

    I am mostly here to see to have fresh eyes look my toon and see if there is anything I can do to make him better. I am a little behind in gear since I only swapped last week so that will improve as I raid more on him.

    I am curious about trying the ASM stock "PVE: Rage Build" since if I follow it, it will bring my crit up 5% and my overall hp up to over 600k raid buffed. The downside if I follow that is my hit and exp will plummet down to 6.75%hit and 8.63%EXP.

    This will be for 10 Man raiding, with an emphasis on working on HMs as we get to them.

    *I should mention also that generally I have been performing the role of OT but due to recent changes in my raid team I may have to become the MT; just wanted to mention that in case that influences your advice.*

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    I pretty much ot for my group, hm 10m, I would say go for hit cap/soft exp cap+ while everything else goes towards crit.
    Your armory seems fine, except red gems, dont use pure expertise gems. Use expertise/crit gems instead.
    Red: expertise/crit
    Yellow: crit
    Blue: crit/stam or crit/hit
    Also, change your weapon enchant to windsong

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    I agree with everything Williee says, except I have had good experience with Colossus, it has done a higher than expected proportion of my healing looking at recent logs, so from my experience it seems a pretty good enchant (don't get me wrong, Windsong is a very good Guardian enchant too, and can perform double bear/kitty duty with one weapon).

    Secondly, if you haven't already, I recommend getting some rage generation and mitigation trinkets so you can swap them in and out at will, like Searing Words and Heart of Fire and so on.

    I also prefer the crit enchant on my cloak.

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    @Williee, Yeah I kind of went for broke to get hard-cap on expertise; I swapped back following your advice.
    @Blencathra, I looked through logs and Colossus was only actually providing 200-300k total absorbs over a fight; switched back to windsong.

    I changed around my enchants to favour Agil/Crit and I did like the results last night. My dps was up about 5-10k and I had even more rage then normal. Thanks for the tips.

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    Now, I do raid in a pretty good guild progressing HMs early, but I would say go for, as Williee said for gems, but use crit/hit in blue sockets UNLESS your case becomes like mine, and get overcapped on hit while reforging away hit on every piece, go for crit/stam then. I prefer river's song over windsong, but dancing steel is very good aswell, however these 2 are more expensive.

    You were in feral spec now, so I don't know if your enchants are different. If you're not going hardmodes undergeared, e.g top 500-1000 guild or so, which by looking at your armory doesn't seem to be the case, you should go for pure dps enchants.

    Your reforging priority should be set to 7.5% hit & expertise (150) > crit & 15% exp (125) > haste (75) > mastery (25) > dodge (20)
    The values in the parenthesises are what I have mine set to in reforgelite, or reforge websites.

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