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    [H] Pescorus 10 man (10/16hc) - Sunstrider

    Hallo, let me get straight to the point.

    We're a 10 man guild found on Sunstrider currently sat on 10/16hc.

    We raid 4-5 days a week (Wed, Thurs, Sun, Poss Mon & Tue). from 7-11 rt.

    Recruitment as follows:

    DK - prior on dps (capability of os'ing always nice for all classes)
    Warrior - prior on dps
    Priest - prior on healing
    Rogue/Feral/Monk - prior on dps

    We welcome any of the above classes to apply at pescorus.wowstead.com We're also interested in good applicants whos class is not necessarily mentioned above.

    You can also contact Sedora, Dognaw or Arcady in game for more information or alternatively you can add my battle tag - tom#2982

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    still looking for the above

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    Still looking for:
    Rogue / Feral
    Always interested in good players, don't be put off if your class is not one of the above.

    Is very bumpy road

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    Bump for 11/16 hc

    Still looking for:
    Warlock, Hunter & healing Priest

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    Still looking for the above

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