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    what if i cant reach the haste breakpoint as a moonkin

    with my current gear it seems i just can't get to that 5273 point. while im in moonkin form my haste is at 12.5% and i have already done all the reforging i can. so with that being said if i can't reach the break point should i just keep it the way it is? i thought i might have read that crit is better if you cant reach the haste cap but im not sure.

    plz help!

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    I thought the cap was 35.8%?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Firebert View Post
    I thought the cap was 35.8%?
    It's with moonkin aura and NG. Anw 5273 is right so why mess with %s ?

    I guess you would go all Crit if you can't even gem/reforge the cap.

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    Reforge to crit until you can reach it.

    Firebert, it's a breakpoint, not a cap. There are more like it higher up. Also, it's 35.8% total, not 35.8% from haste rating.

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    Could you link your armory so we might be able to help you further?

    Remember that you can also swap your gems (320 haste instead of 320 crit etc.).
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    Yeah the breakpoint can easily get reached from ilevel 460+ I think O_o. You might just want to aquire some more haste gear.

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    yeah i was being stupid lol. i went on the Ah and bought some 320 haste gems so my haste went up to a pretty good amount. ill link my armory for you guys

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    http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte.../Hammul/simple i still have to change my shoulder gem. would it be better to ignore the socket bonus and just go for the haste?

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    Replace the meta gem with the +400 spirit one to open up reforging options, use Haste + Spirit/Hit in helmet, Intel+Haste in shoulders but you also have too many non-haste items. Don't think you can reach it currently.

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