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    Things People Say

    I can't be the only one who keeps some of the amusing/idiotic comments people make in game. I've got pages of this stuff, just from my guild alone. A guildmate of mine has an entire spreadsheet dedicated to saving the dumb stuff we say.

    Share yours!

    [19:23:55][P] [F--]: sry we wiped, no heal cause i am tryin to get this fingernail polish off it is a very ugly color but looked good in the bottle

    [21:53:47][G] [S--]: fuckin ride or die essay
    [21:54:09][G] [C--]: Yeah. Word to your paragraph. -.-

    [20:26:23][O] [T--]: im 80% sure that was nex blowing me again

    [21:43:18] [O] [80:M--:5]: I HAVE TO CARRY U ALL LIKE WOUNDED BEATS

    [20:44:45] [G] [80:H--]: it's weird. my butt hurts. not sure why

    [22:55:36] [O] [85:A--:1]: YUO GUYS REUNFN FUNCONDUSTUPID
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    I ignore the idiots on trade.

    But there was an amusing night where I just had to temporarily take the infamous realm trolls off ignore to see just wtf was happening because of trade exploding. It was a nerdrage match starting from general WoW/class/skill trashtalking to meeting each other at Blizzcon and claiming "your arenabros can't carry you in real life mother------". Today, I'm still not sure if srs or still getting trolled. But it got heated.

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    made me giggle enough to take a picture.

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