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    [H] <Illumina> Shadowmoon 25M

    Illumina of Shadowmoon
    6/6 MV, 2/6 HOF Looking for All DPS classes

    You are:
    • 90 and raid-ready and you will show up for three short nights of raids per week
    • Knowledgeable when it comes to your class
    • Experienced in current tier or any previous raiding tier
    • Excited about raiding MoP as part of an amazing 25 man raid team

    We are:
    • One of the oldest 25 main raiding guilds on the server
    • Solid, stable and here to stay
    • A fun-loving, friendly guild that likes to clear all content, including heroic - in our own time

    And we want you!!!

    Come join us for some great raiding experiences.
    We have an immediate need for ranged DPS to join our team.

    Currently recruiting ALL DPS classes
    DPS with healing O/S

    Raid times – Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday - 7:30 pm to 11 pm

    Please visit illumina-sm.com or pst Failhoof, Katanasteel, Argia, Riszyn, or Redsexxyk for more information. Add me for more information Argia#1205
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    Still looking for raiders for our main raid.

    Looking for a couple of great heals

    We are set on tanks.
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    Still need warrior dps, Monk dps, dk dps, and spriests!!

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    Still looking for more.

    Please be 90 and raid-ready

    Apply at illumina-sm.com or pst any of our officers in game.

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    Need a couple of heals and more dps.

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    In need of ranged dps!

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    Still looking for dps.

    Come check us out!!

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