Scientific Method is a "semi" casual guild that has been on Stormreaver since early 2010. By semi-casual I mean that we are a guild who loves to have fun by wiping to and occasionally killing raid bosses (including hardmodes), but we all pretend to have lives outside of video games.

Progression-wise we are currently 8/16 in 10man Normal Mode Tier 14. We were 6/8 in Heroic Dragon Soul.

Our raiding schedule is Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 8pm-11pm server, with raid invites starting 15 minutes before raid start.

We are currently looking for any exceptional players. If you think you are good and can impress us on your application, you will be considered regardless of our current class needs, however we are especially on the lookout for:

0: Tanks -

1: Melee DPS - Rogue.

1-2: Ranged DPS - Warlock, Hunter, Boomkin.

1: Healer - Paladin, Shaman, Druid.

If you can make 95%+ of our raids and are interested, please submit an application on our website forums ( You may contact Skaaya, Caliosidhe, Soltarii, or Tsillan in game with any questions or concerns about joining.