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    Which spec do you use on Tsulong?

    Regarding the Day phase on the Tsulong fight:

    On one hand you have Holy in Serenity chakra, 15% increase on direct heals and Holy word: Serenity. Guardian spirit for Sun Breath, Serendipity for faster Greater Heal etc.
    Then we have Discipline, 30% increased healing received from Grace. Archangel giving an extra 25% healing for 18 seconds.

    I was wondering what you guys thought about this fight, which spec would be superior?

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    seems guardian spirit just destroys this fight. having 6 other healers lining up their burst with a GS is just insane.
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    Either works just fine, though Holy is probably ahead. Bear in mind holy mastery also, I was getting some ticks approaching 100k from echo.

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    I played Holy, for the simple fact that absorbs will do bugger all as far as healing the boss is concerned. Wait for Breath timer to get close -> Flash Heal x2 -> Guardian Spirit (communicate to the rest of your healers that it's going to be up) -> Chakra Serenity -> Greater Heal.

    GHeal crit for 1.8 million, Echo mastery HoT with 9k mastery = lulz.

    To be honest, I don't see any reason to play Disc if you're going to be healing Tsulong, and I don't see why anyone wouldn't be healing him. Sure the fight can be done with a Disc no problem, but I doubt it'd be optimal.

    I say this as a Disc player mainly, so, as much as i'd like to play Disc I understand it's probably not the best idea.
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    Historically, discipline has always been the worst spec for any healer-gimmick encounter which requires actual healing.

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    Went holy for this. Get your +25% crit buff on the boss just before the breath hits, PI yourself, pop a jade spirit potion, GS the boss then do 2xFlash + Greater twice. It's sexy.

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    Our two Shadow priests made total of 50 milion healing on the boss spaming flash heal with 500% buff. Everyone should heal him. Holy > Disc for this fight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mily View Post
    Our two Shadow priests made total of 50 milion healing on the boss spaming flash heal with 500% buff. Everyone should heal him. Holy > Disc for this fight.
    I find that hard to believe seeming as me (Holy Priest) and our Monk did ~23 million each.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Redsparrow View Post
    seems guardian spirit just destroys this fight. having 6 other healers lining up their burst with a GS is just insane.


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    Holy is pretty amazing on this fight, especially mastery stacked. Not to mention the overall raid benefit of GS http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/r...?s=2549&e=2976
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    Interesting that everyone is suggesting Holy as the moment due to the mechanics of the spec.

    I actually decided to go Disc for Tsulong whilst the other Priest stayed Holy. Myself and the other Priest (Norbb) are pretty balanced in terms of gear and skill, producing very similar HPS when we play the same spec on a fight.

    This was our kill on Tsulong yesterday:

    I was expecting Holy to do pretty well as you all are suggesting but you may forget about two little Disc CDs; Inner Focus and Archangel.
    If times correctly (especially with an Archangel) you can easily get ~150K GH crit followed up by 3-4 FH's.

    So, for healing the boss during Sunlight phase, Holy should win due to the Mastery, right?

    Well, breaking it down:

    Holy has GS for a big boost to everyone's Healing during the buff.
    The Mastery will be a big boost to personal healing.
    You can gain Serendipity stacks and potentially get off an extra heal during the buff.

    Disc's Mastery means sod all and has no CD to increase everyone's healing.
    However it does have Archangel (as long as you can get stacks which is very tricky) for a 25% boost to Healing. This almost makes up for the loss in Mastery healing.
    Disc also has Inner Focus for a guaranteed crit which is appox. a 600k increase in healing every 45secs which is quite nice.

    In terms of personal healing to the boss, both specs are viable and fairly balanced, it's not as one sided as people are saying. I do have to confess Holy should perform better on boss healing though, and if your raid is struggling with healing the boss then you should certainly go Holy for the raid-wide healing boost from GS.

    But healing the boss is only half the fight. Remember that Dark phase with lots of raid-wide sustained AoE. This is where Disc shines over Holy. With the recent buffs to Disc, it's output and sustainability throughout this phase is superior to Holy by a considerable margin and due to this Disc does seem to perform better in terms of personal HPS for this fight but if you raid requires healing to the boss, always go Holy.

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    I rolled as holy tonight on this boss... this is the healing on tsulong:

    i found out my synapse spring + pot macro wasn't working for some reasons... /cry

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    I don't think this has been mentioned but I tried it on Tsulong and sorta got it to work - hard to tell if it was actually better but it should have been. I ended up dying and lost to my previous HPS by 2k which wasn't very much, so I assume this works:

    Dropping Mindbender (Or Solace) for From Darkness, Comes Light.

    - This works well as Disc as you can Smite heal to gain stacks. Getting an extra Flash Heal during the buff phase can really boost healing but the talent will probably dent your mana pool quite a bit, but you should be fine as you get 25% mana back per breath.

    Using Twist of Fate
    Again, works very well for Disc as you can Smite heal to gain the buff. During Sun phase there's a lot of adds, cast something on one of them as it's about to die and you get a nice 15% boost on top of your 500% buff. It's a little tricky to actually get the buff sometimes and so it's highly dependent on how good you are at damaging low health adds.

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