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    If we can't get enough agreement to make it into a law, why the hell would an amendment do any better? Amendments are for big things, core values, more philosophical concepts than particular restrictions/freedoms.
    It was a law. The supreme court overruled it.

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    But too late... Obama won again with money, you guys had a candidate with 'true' money donated by his followers. Ron Paul is leaving congress. This is all to late so who cares. America is about to collapse, the Middle East and Europe is about to blow up, and China is gonna come and clean it all up afterwards.
    You'd be so fun to have at a party. Both sides broke records in terms of money raised. Ron Paul is a quack whose appeal extends only to those ignorant of politics and their social ramifications. America is nowhere near collapse. Europe is extremely stable except for a few countries, and the greater part of the Middle East is still stable. China is not going to come get you in your sleep.

    You should take a step back, breathe in and out, and realize the world isn't nearly as miserable as you think it is.
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