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    H: <THATS NO MOON> Jubei'thos 2/6HM Recruiting.

    TNM are a long lived, semi-hardcore raiding guild with emphasis on quality over quantity.
    We are a tight-knit team, most of whom have raided together since the release of Molten Core.
    If you consider yourself an exceptional raider and our raid times suit you, feel free to check out our site and and fill out an application.

    thatsnomoon . net

    Raid times:
    Wed/Thurs 7.30 - 11PM ST

    Currently recruiting:
    Moonkin/Resto Druid.
    Exceptional DPS Shaman.

    We only raid 7 hours a week, so when it comes to progression bosses you are expected to be fully gemed, enchanted, forged, flasked, potted, food buffed, and well-read on the boss mechanics. All our DPS regularly rank on WoL, so high performance is required.
    Pulls are quick and do not expect a res.

    Applicants must have Previous HM raiding experience, 475ilvl, and be available for trial on 21/11 and 22/11.

    For more info PST Tantzul, Starghlin or Resofleecz in-game.
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