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    Arrow [H] Pescorus - Sunstrider 10m recruiting!

    About us:

    We are a semi-hardcore guild, which aims to raid without abusive or "dick" officers, while maintaining viscinity of world 300 rank. In place of which we strive to create a competitive environment for raid spots. If you're a good player, don't fail on mechanics and pull your weight in numbers, you've a spot... until there's someone who can do more. Outside of raids, the guild atmosphere is relaxing, sociable, engaging and friendly; unlike the abrasive and sometimes vulgar types of atmospheres that are commonplace within some guilds. However, within raids, we will not sugar coat things and pat you on the back if mistakes are made. If we feel it's repeating too much, or if there's something that is lacking as a raider, you'll be let known but a respectable attitude must be upheld when engaging with other players on the realm.

    Our guild is a community of members that co-operate in-order to achieve the common goal of clearing all the content as fast as possible. Each player is expected to be ready for each raid, and is in charge of organising him or herself; if a player fails to do, it will be known to him, once. If they keep at it, they are generally phased out from raiding and eventually removed from the guild.

    Raiding times:

    Wednesday: 19.00-23.00
    Thursday: 19.00-23.00
    Sunday: 19.00-23.00
    Monday: 19.00-23.00

    *Please note that during progress, we occasionally raid on Tuesdays, if there's content left to clear.

    *Due to RL commitments of some of our core members, we rarely have the opportunity to raid outside of scheduled times. However, if an occasion arises where there's enough of us to have a good go at the content, we'll do it even outside those times.

    Current needs:

    We want to make sure it's understood what the current situation is. We've a bunch of skilled players, each and every one of us (outside time restrictions) could play in a top 100 guild. Yet in MoP, we haven't made a great start, mostly due to feeling the lack of three very prominent personalities that have provided the support in previous tiers and are missing now. We're finding our feet. You can look at that as a drawback, or as an opportunity to become an integral part of a community that has a place for a strong personality. The potential is for more than just logging on to raid and back off again. As such:

    - Recruitment is open for all classes!

    However, we are particulary interested in:

    - DPS Warrior

    - Blood DK / Protection Warrior / Guardian / Brewmaster

    - Mage

    - Hunter

    - Restoration Druid / Mistweaver

    If you think you are an amazing player and you excel at your preformance we are open for re-rolls.

    With the advent of challenge mode dungeons, we will be doing initial ingame testing through their.. challenge (pun intended). This is to ensure we're on roughly the same level of gameplay before you (potentially) transfer and we waste valuable raid time figuring out that you may not be very well cut for quality raiding after all.

    For more information you can contact our officers:

    - Dognaw

    - Sedora

    Looking forward to hearing from you, Officer team of Pescorus
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    I would like to take the time to point out that we are a wonderfull guild

    And I think everyone should take a moment to read this post! We are 2/6 heroic MoV, and currently (until this evening) 4/6 in HoF
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    Bumping for a new player. Any among hunter / warrior / mistweaver / resto dudu / mage / tank we can fit into the roster.

    Because, cookies!

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    Mage has quite the priority, but hunter is also high in demand.

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    I might know a good hunter

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    I used to know a good hunter.. but then, suddenly... ALLIANCE -.- !

    Treason! (nvm we've all been alliance at the time )

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    Trialing a mage, but still an opportunity for a better one to BLOW HIM out of the water! (ohohohooh)

    Obviously Hunter is still an option as well as a good resto druid / resto shaman.

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    Thanks for the interest, but despite very good qualifications, I'm not sure we'd work out. We raid 4-5 days a week and have a very dedicated dps DK already.

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    Bump, Mage/Hunter spot still provisionally open. 3rd healer spot of resto shaman/resto druid (possibility of healer priest) as well.

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